Chris holds United States Coast Guard Captains License and is insured for charter fishing.

Captain at the helm in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Being raised overseas, Chris has been fortunate enough to fish many, many places around the globe.
Chris has fished the waters of South and Central America, the Caribbean and Bahamian archipelagos,
as well as the Rivers of Northern and Western Europe. He has also fished the Outer Banks,
the Monomoy flats of Chatham and the Hawaiian waters for "jurassic" sized fish.

As pictured in
March/April 2004 issue of

Chris has always been a proponent of light tackle, making chase that much more rewarding when landing a "Lunker".

A practiced policy of catch and release is recommended due to the weakened state of our waters and oceans.

Chris has been fishing the waters around New York City for over thirteen years. He has a working knowledge of the area. He has fished the waters from Hells Gate, down the tidal canal (East River) to Upper New York Bay thru the "Narrows" and out to blue water of Raritan Bay, Jamaica Bay, Breezy Point and Sandy Hook (where the action can really pick up during the migratory seasons!) When oceanic conditions are just right and provide warm eddies cycling off the Gulf Stream, you will surprised at just what species will cruise into our waters that can be given chase.

Chris is a firm believer in the high performance fishing platform coupled with quality tackle to put the
discriminating angler "ON" the fish and back to Manhattan in time for dinner.

The end result...... having a lot of fun chasing game fish! (and maybe learning something new
about the waters in our area)

No black soled shoes please.