Season Recap.

The first snow has arrived so the Topaz is dry docked for the winter. Looking back on 05 it was a pretty good first season, not only for the great variety of species our waters offer during the seasons but for all the people I have come to meet and know. Some very knowledgeable and interesting people. More importantly, we all had a great time because that's the common denominator! Getting out there and enjoying our natural resources and learning about them, which is a natural progression. There's always something new: weather, currents, tides, migrations, fish, bait, people and organizations that help the cause.All good karma!... All the best during the holidays and I will see you on the water in Apirl!

November 17

Had a few good days with the shortened holiday week. Sunday the Lower NY bay had a ton of birds working which provided good action on the surface, stripers in the 28 to 32 inch range, got cut a bit short with the afternoon gust kicking up. Monday had a 180 degree turn for the better, good cloud cover and hardly any winds, except no birds working... I mean none, they must have an early warning system on the bad weather that was to come. Marked alot of bass on the edges on Ambrose (30-40 ft.). Got out the light spin tackle with some 6 inch storm shads...effective with the best bass at 33 inchs. Rumor of snow and rain over thanksgiving, get some kick back time. Hoping for a few more weeks before it comes to an end of 05...

November 10

Another week dictated by the weather, hey its November. Sunny and 73 degrees over the weekend to 48 degrees and blowing 30+ this afternoon (Wednesday). All in all, no complaints as long as we make it back before the blow. Sunrise on the Coney Is. flats is productive, busting bass and working birds for a good portion of the morning. Nice not to spend most of the time changing flies and lures due to the gorillas. They started rearing in the late morning....and they were large!! upwards of 14lbs! and fat, you can tell they were really packing their bellies... same with the stripers, mid to upper twenty inch lenght with fatter bellies. Hadnt really seen any large bunker until today, a few around the boat with big chopper bites taken out of them. ( where did they get those table manners?). Those bigger guys are strong!!! Looks like Thursday and Friday are a wash with this system coming through...

November 3

Wind, wind and more wind....starting to get old. Generally a good week, when we could get out there. Middle of last week the bass action really picked up!, until what seemed like a battalion of gorilla blue fish rolled into the lower bay. The high end of the bass were in low to mid 30 range, not alot but a few. Had Paterick Long (President of Salty Fly Rodders) out Wednesday on the Atlantic side of Breezy Pt. ....36 inches @17 lbs on the boga grip!! Nice fish, ran half way thru the backing before it turned around. Getting the fly to the bottom was key. Sink tip line with a silver and blue mushmouth with a number 4 cicle hook. Wind kicked up to 20+ knots.....long slow rideback to the marina.Weather should improve in the next week, wind wise, (please!).

October 25

Tough weather out there........had two fishable days this last week, either flat as a lake or howling, lots of bass! Got into some 29s and 30 inch fish but for the most part they were in the mid twenties with the usual blues, just under 10 lbs, sighted a few albies of pretty decent size......but no hook ups. Some pretty big mackeral breaching on the ocean side of Breezy pt., a ton of bait! Had Phil Shook out on Monday, thick into the schoolies with a 5 weight!!! a real kick! The schoolies are more robust than the larger bass and Phil is well experienced not to exhaust the smaller fish and let them fight another day. Best Bass goes to Andy Wilks and Jason Wolfe. The water was like glass that day (Friday), could see bass busting a few hundred yard away! Both accomplished fly throwers. A good day. Need a extended break in the weather to catch on this great action!

October 20

Finally got out for some improved fishing after the last front brought through what seemed like biblical weather conditions. Breezy ,West Bank and the CI rip had more birds working than I have seen all year, that coupled with 59 degree water offered some decent bluefish and striper action-somewhat scattered but they were there! Hearing reports of 1 mile bass blitzs in southern MA.......hopefully we will see something like that in the coming weeks. For now, its great just to see the bass moving in. Good luck all,

October 11
The albies did another vanishing act this week after a pretty decent run the last two weeks. There were the usual bluefish around to make things interesting but they were certainly not plentiful considering the amount of bait in the water......
Hoffman Island, north across the Ambrose channel to Nortons Pt. was probably the largest bait line I have seen! about 3/4s of a mile long and turning the surface of the water to a froth, Bay Anchovies, 2 to 3 inches in lenght, pretty large. The bait line was there for about three days before it broke up and no predators on it! unbelievable!
The only cooperation to be had was the weather, nice sunny windless days. Betting that the cold front moving through this weekend will spark the action we are all looking for!  
October 2
Euthynnus affeteratus...............nothing but engine!
Good action continues with the albies. In a bit closer this week, near the Verrazano bridge out to both sides of the Breezy Pt. Water temps continued to drop a bit further, 66, 65 degrees.
The albie pods are not large, small and scattered. Need to be patient and let em come into casting range.......... "gun and run" with multiple boats is simply not effective, just a waste of gas and decent manners, different story if your out there solo, at least you have elbow room to hopefully negotiate a set up. Always so much fun, my favorite near shore palegic! Hope for the cows soon.............
September 24
Great to be back after being away at Chatham MA with extended family.............
Great albie action from Graves End Bay to Breezy Pt., upward of 10 lbs. Decent bluefish in the mix, water temp @ 69 degrees. Which was even stranger after hooking into a mahi @ the traps, just south of Breezy pt., unfortunately we only got em to the side of the boat before breaking off . Nice clear water, hopefully the swells from Philippe wont dirty up the water coming into next week. Just add some big sideliners and you cant add much more to the quiver. A great time of year.  
September 9
The false albacore vanished as quickly as they showed up. The Lower NY bay water temp dropped about 4 degrees, hopefully a sign of good things to come..... Silly number of blue fish, got into over 50 on Sat on the fly, both sides of the Breezy Pt. jetty. Clients had fun. Started using circle hooks on everything, flys, plugs, jigs......little or no damage, no missed strikes and a quick removal. Just cant understand the need for a treble hook when not fly fishing? (especially two on one lure).
Waiting for the next wave, hopefully have more to report.  
August 25
After not getting enough of that short window on the bfts and falling back on some inshore action and being greatful the blues are getting bigger......FAT ALBERTS!
Got into 4 seperate pods in the Lower NY bay, these speedsters can really get the reel to sing. Had to do some "gun and run" but well worth it. Dont let the rod rest on the gunwales and stay away from the prop!!!!
Only natural to hope for near offshore action to resume..... however, the false albacore are serious contenders for a nine weight! Its only getting better from here with fall around the corner.
August 11
Near offshore (17 fathoms) action is outstanding! bait is so thick the bow of the boat sends them scattering... 74 to 75 degree water and very clear. Pods of smaller skippies and bfts in the 20lb range, healthy mahi in the 15 lb size (big air jumpers). The pods are very fast, got to stay mobile and keep your eyes peeled. The bfts are abundant but not concentrated. Took fish on light trolling and light spin with fly rods on the ready. Will continue the near offshore runs until the striper action resumes. Have a few dates open to chase these torpedos.
July 24

If you werent getting soaked, you were sweating.... Sloppy weather and wind kept me from going off shore, wind should sit down a bit at weeks end, going out friday to the BA (chum em up and get out the 14w). Locally, the Tin Can Grounds produced blues to 7-8 lbs and a couple of schoolies. Lots of birds working @ Sandy hook, decent action. found birds on East and West bank again, good blues action on the fly, flies dont last long... Had a mushmouth, about 12 inches, jump towards the boat, second jump cleared the boat and our heads!! cool. Also saw a pretty large Sunfish feeding on jellies. Looking forward to friday.

July 17

Got offshore last Sunday, BA buoy down to monster ledge. The worst weather I have been in this season blowing 20+ knots from the east, waves 3 to 6 ft. Alot of large bluefish, had one knock down on the tuna rods, took a couple of hundred yards and went soft. No fly throwing for obvious reasons. Headed in early.

Lower New York Bay won't fail when its kicking up outside. The narrows, Breezy, the East and West Banks produced plenty of bluefish and some schoolie stripers. Nice calm mornings and windy afternoons with showers is the pattern. Blowing less than 10 knots makes the outside enjoyable for chasing the BFTs, give it another couple of goes next week.

July 1

A bit of a slow down from last week. Morning fog was very thick early part of the week
(time to buy that radar). Once past the Verrazano hada few openings, noticed Water temp had increased a degree or two. Lots of blues feeding around Hoffman and Swimburne Islands, 5 lb range. Marked alot of fish on the bottom and edges of Ambrose channel (30 to 40 feet, figured they were bass in cooler water). The East and West bank were all blues, small but kept fly rods bent. Read Shore Catches updated June 26th report of Blue Fin Tuna, also rumor of tuna at the BA bouy. Early and AWESOME!! will be making two runs in that direction early next week.