Manhattan Fly Fishing Report by Captain Christopher Hessert
Capt. Christopher Hessert
Report: September 04, 2015 Our local waters of the NY bite have been on fire with schoolies bluefin and yellowfin and more yellowfin moving in recently. Had a chance to get my boys up to Cape Cod and the bluefin fishing is epic. I fished with 2 Captains with destinctively different styles. Alan Hasbacka on got stryper for stick bait casting...unbelievably cool. Hooked into 140 and 180, which was just a beast. If stick bait bft fishing is your thing...I highly suggest you reach out to Alan...hell of a great guy and knows his business...highly recommend. Captain Chris Kennedy of Tuna Fever is your captain for notch. Had the opportunity to take my 3 boys. Comfortable vessel with ample room for the boys to battle and catch some zzzzs in the fore cabin. When 2 for 3 bfts from 150 to boys harnessed up and did battle with fish twice their size....both awesome captains for which ever style suits you...recommend highly. Back running local waters and running deep for big eye tuna when weather allows...
- Capt. Chris
Report: July 22nd, 2015 The Inshore canyons and wrecks are holding bluefin, however the bait really has not hunkered down... on the move. so one hot spot vanishes only to pop up else where. weekend weather looks good. More soon...
- Capt. Chris
Report: July 10th, 2015 Finally got out to the mid shore canyons. Found fat shorts to 43/44 inches. Bait was deep so only hooked up on the troll. All in all...a great start.
Will report once I'm in the water.

- Capt. Chris
Report: June 15th, 2015 Look to launch the finn next week after a lengthy period of getting some work done with the electrical system. Certainly hope to grab the the tail end on the bass season before running deep for tuna...still some chilly water around so hope some warmer water pushes in soon.

- Capt. Chris
Report: October 20th, 2014 Interesting how this recent chill snap coincided with the bass just blowing up...Weather of course has been difficult but getting out on doable days. Just has a terrific day on our last run...slobs blowing up on bunker! Really great to be on em after missing the spring run. Give me a shout if you wanna get on em.

- Capt. Chris
Report: October 6th, 2014 On a additional note, I am pleased to say that I can now do Manhattan pick ups at Pier 25 (lower west side). This will make life a bit easier for my Manhattan crews. It's a $50.00 dock fee.

- Capt. Chris
Report: October 6th, 2014 Well, this past September was probably the worst conditions I have seen. There were 3 or 4 off shore fishable days...just awful a steady honk...everyday.The inshore fishery has been predominantly bluefish with a albie sighting here and there...and a few small bass. Water temps are still in the high sixties. As soon as water starts to chill we will see things fire up. I have geared up with some new product for the inshore BFT run...stoked for that, my favorite time.

- Capt. Chris
Report: September 6th, 2014 Weather windows have been far between...but did have a good one yesterday and ran to the Hudson Canyon. FANTASTIC! Some Nat Geo life around and flat as a lake. Trolled, starting at the elbow and ran East.... 12 long fin tuna to 44 inches, we had singles, doubles and triple hook part, I had one angler... mayhem! lol. By eleven am we set up for the chunk and boated a jumbo yellowfin, close to 80 lbs. Filled the coffin and headed back to the barn. Can't wait to get back out!. Weather next few days is looking surly, maybe mid week.

- Capt. Chris
Report: August 26th, 2014 Offshore is heating up nicely...yellowfin tuna, Bluefin and mahi are all within 50 mile runs. Skippies and false albacore too. There are some definite large fish in those waters also. I got spooled on my 50 yesterday...first time for me and it was pretty crazy. 400 yards were pulled out at epic speed, about 100 yards left when it just became to much of a load on the 100 lb test on the Dacron backing! Running again tomorrow while we still have a window before Cristobal rolls up the coast. More to report!

- Capt. Chris
Report: August 1st, 2014 There still are plenty of tuna out there, their just all shorts, that's all. Consistent, in the 37 to 42 inch range. About the end of last week, it turned and didn't see of hear of any overs be caught. Plenty of mahi around too. Troll and stick bait casting at these chubby shorts has produced best... here and there on the jig. I sure the jig bite will pick up. Ran into a pack of water spouts yesterday... really neat to watch...kept our distance! Will keep pluggin...keep you posted.

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 24th, 2014 Got out the mid shore grounds about 65 miles. Lots of life, lines wet by 7 am. Tuna started small, pups, released gently. Hooking up on a average of every 10/15 minutes. Size progressed up to 48 inch bft by 11:30 am. Total of 10 bft's, we kept our over/under and headed back to the barn by great to be back !
Back out Friday maybe and def Saturday.

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 23rd, 2014 Made the first run Friday...covered a lot of 68 degrees. One visual and a knockdown on the way back before discovering some kinks in the chart plotter-satilite connection. Chalked it up to a "shakedown run". Running Tuesday deep....

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 21st, 2014 MGot out the mid shore grounds about 65 miles. Lots of life, lines wet by 7 am. Tuna started small, pups, released gently. Hooking up on a average of every 10/15 minutes. Size progressed up to 48 inch bft by 11:30 am. Total of 10 bft's, we kept our over/under and headed back to the barn by great to be back !
Back out Friday maybe and def Saturday.

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 15th, 2014 Hitting 58 mph!

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 14th, 2014 Joe and Petri tweeking the Verado's.

- Capt. Chris
Report: June 16th, 2014 Motors are on! Complete the Riggins and electronics...Some bottom paint and should be in early next week!

- Capt. Chris
Report: June 5th, 2014 Putting her all togeather now...looking to be splashable between the 15th and 20th...soon...very soon!

- Capt. Chris
Report: May 21st, 2014 New Shirts coming soon!

- Capt. Chris
Report: May 20th, 2014 The motors are here and work has commenced, after being about 10 days late. Hanging the Verados and doing a complete re harness, gridding down some pitted trim tads, new live well and wash down pumps, fresh bottom paint and some other minor details, most likely wont be running until the first week of June. Sorry about the tentatively booked May charters, getting moved into June. Marine time, apparently, is a new time zone...just gotta go with the flow. Want it done right the first time...that's for sure. Ping me for charters but keep in mind please that I wont be able to run until everything is done safely and correctly. I think the end of the first week on June is a safe bet. Really looking forward to getting out and for those that called...thanks for you patience.

- Capt. Chris
Report: April 13, 2014 Going through the transition of re-powering the Fly. Motors: 2 White 300 supercharged Merc Verados! Very excited for the new power plants. Preliminary #s should let me cruise in in the mid 40s (mph) and top end her around 57 mph. Time table should have her in the water by the end of the first week of May, if all goes smoothly... Water temps in the ocean are still cold, low 40s but things will start changing fast! Already getting calls for charters in May...please feel free to ping me. Really looking forward to the new season!!!!

- Capt. Chris
Report: September 23, 2013 Still continuing offshore runs when weather is favorable, however, with the latest cold snap, the inshore is firing up! with bass and albies showing up as recently as yesterday, its gonna be run and gun!

I have some open dates for the fall please ping me if you have interest! bonito in the mix too. Super light tackle or on the fly.

A lot of anglers have been chomping the bit to get on these hard here's our window!!

- Capt. Chris
Report: September 10, 2013 After fishing the cape for jumbos at the end of Aug, got back to discover my port motor needed pumps, thermos and gaskets. On the hard for about another its been a quite spell.However, Saturday did get out to the East Wall of the Hudson Canyon...just such amazing area. There has been a terrific long fin and big eye bite in the vicinity. Managed to raise 2 decent yellowfin, one around 80 lbs the other shy of that. Bout till the end of Sept then offshore runs will wind down.

On the Inshore side, ran the NY beachside in search of False Albacore after hearing some chatter here and there. 67 degree water...tons of bait, no ablies or bass yes, plenty of bluefish.Inshore should open up any day now!

- Capt. Chris
Report: August 7, 2013 Well, weather has been cooperating a bit for those off shore runs, June and July were trough and that's an understatement!...we had a strong southerly for a long...long time.
Good sized tuna are settling into some spots where bait has been staying put. There have been some much larger fish caught is some areas that were dormant for a few seasons...always influx out there. Been some areas holding tinker macs in volume that predators just haven't found that are closer inshore....maybe setting up for a epic fall !!

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 15, 2013 Got together with Adam on his very sweet Viking 48, joined by Robert and Pete, ran deep and east. Talk about the comforts of home, whatta ride! AC, Sat food....sweet, great guys and a ton of fun! Decked 2 respectable yellows....strong fish. Its starting to improve, chloro levels are clearing in some areas and will be running this week, with more to report!

- Capt. Chris
Report: June 27, 2013 Well the transition from bass to to tuna is official as of last Friday. Found tuna crashing on the surface and what a sight!. Some additional reports coming in from some of the usual haunts also. However, mother nature has been giving us a hard time...locked in till early next week until this front passes. Cant wait to get back out there! First tuna was fat...49 inches with a 39 inch girth. Lookin forward!!!!

- Capt. Chris
Report: June 16, 2013 Fortunate to get out and stick even fatter fish on Saturday, however, bounty of multiple slobs did not materialize. We did find this 41 bler ( which I nicknamed "FATGUT") a little bit deeper in almost 60ft.. This is the best bass this season...
On a down note, the water temps jumped, 67/68 degrees...happened fast. Hope it doesn't warm up to fast. This has been some awesome bass action.
Maybe a quick transition over to tuna then?? :)

- Capt. Chris
Report: June 10, 2013 Well, had a window after the heavy rains....and it was just epic! found all hogs in the 25 to 35 lb class !! Crushing the bunker...which sat deep in the column, down 20.
Had Keith out.... we had no bluefish and no "dinky" fish... Water temps climbed to lower 60s. Interesting, we had this same action last May instead of June, maybe due to a laterstart from the colder winter (??).
In any case, its on and on big! Any interest, please ping me, most likely be a few more weeks of this action and then on to the pelagics. Nice to a have three live line rigs to yourself with an end result of 12 cows averaging 30lbs! Regained some faith after a tough couple of weeks.

- Capt. Chris
Report: June 01, 2013 Outside of the usual poor weather that held me back on more charters than I want to admit too....the bass fishing has been getting better, however, on that note, the windows are small and tight.
The best action has been a late afternoon bite with only a few hours in duration...It has been difficult in the AM and impossible during the day....its all about the tide! Trolling has yielded some good results...but only when I have too and having to fish with clients within their time limits adds another layer of challenge but is what it is and wont stop me from trying hard. The water temps have been on the cold side...inshore and offshore, with recent heat, Im sure that will warm up. Next week, I will be running to the inshore canyons to get a feel for what's going on....more next week.

- Capt. Chris
Report: May 22nd, 2013 Didn't really start with a bang this season...had some colder water temps and a lot of "dinky" fish the last week and half. The bunker has just moved in, which is always a great sight! Had best results with livies, however, had to go through a lot of ape sized blues....but very nice to get into those 25/30 lb class fish! Let it begin!

- Capt. Chris
Report: April 04, 2013 Looks like the "fly" will splash around mid month. Its been a long winter...and water is still cold. Pleased to say the fly is really better than ever. Had a chance to take care of the little things that were buggin me. New throttle box, new steering column, more rod holders...and a gel coat job from heaven!, not a scratch, ding, dent, gouge scrape or scratch on her! New carbon fiber center rigger and outriggers too. Really lookin forward to this season! Look out Charlie!

- Capt. Chris
Report: November 15, 2012 Well, Sandy was a a game changer... Really very sad about the amount of lost homes and boats....shocking really. The waves recorded during the storm were measured at 32 feet at the NYC harbor entrance, a new record. The boat yards are full and things are starting to buzz with activity....good to see but it will take a while. The "fly" as affectionately known.... took some damage but fared much better than a lot of nice boats. Some cosmetic work and some motor work will needed and done while in storage. She will be up and running in the spring...good as new. As most who have fished with me know, everyone involved in her maintenance take good care. "little fly", my 24 TOPAZ with a 350 saying "put me in coach"! and will be as of the day before thanksgiving. I will be chasing ghosts and looking for slob bass till the new year! Really hope to end the year on a high note! more to report next week.

- Capt. Chris
Report: October 28, 2012 Fantastic fishing before the blow....13 stripers and endless bluefish rolling on the surface and crashing rain bait. The bass averaged 15 lbs but my guys had sore arms! (and alot of trashed Just pulled the boat because of Hurricane Sandy, will be back in the water by Thursday!

- Capt. Chris
Report: October 23, 2012 Full fall run is ON!....Got our first body of bass move in and good 20 to 25 lb fish vs. last years where they were 10 to 15 lb fish. Looking to be a great autum fishery!! A couple reports of btf in close...and why not, tons of bait in tight. Be great to get a 3 wk jump on those 100 lb speedsters! Busy week on the water so , hope lots to report . BTW, will be linking up Facebook very soon.... be sure to check it out!

- Capt. Chris
Report: October 01, 2012 It has started! the albies have been in and the bass arrived in the last few days! schoolies for the most part but larger fish are not far behind!. Offshore Canyons are still producing yellowfin and bigeye but weather and sea conditions have been a hurdle. The bluefin bite on the near offshore areas is still light...on occasion some fish are being caught....maybe get a earlier start on the inshore bft bite instead of the usual Nov/Dec...that would be nice.... :)

- Capt. Chris
Report: September 18 2012 Sorry its been a while since I have posted a report....Really have only had the option to run really deep to find yellowfin, big eye , marlin and others. The bluefin bite inshore is very light. Have made 4 runs to the deep the first 2 ending up with white marlin which are a fantastic fish but i really wanted big eye. Third run was a skunk and the last run was very cool. Finally had managed to get tight on a eyeball and it was size...ran off 80% of my 50 Avet and thats with pressure on the drag ( not an understatement! ). Sadly, it got unglued. This was 3 pm and thinking the day was shot, decided for one more troll. Dropped a horse ballywhoo on a drail to get it deep...Not 5 minutes later...SLAM! The fish went from 100 yards behinds to 100 yards infront of us in what felt like seconds!. Could not believe my eyes! a huge Wahoo!....all told and said. 84 lbs and 65 inches long and teeth like a buzz saw. Second fasted predator in the sea. Think Im in love.... :)

- Capt. Chris

above photo taken by Capt. Jeff Smith
Report: August 20th 2012 Since the "dogs of August" have arrived in our local waters, I ventured up to Cape Cod (as we do every year). Interesting to note that the fishing was good. The last body of bft we were on were all 40 to 52 inch fish, a tad larger than our local fish. Had'em on the troll and jig yet. Had a couple of very cool blitz's on top. I was tight on toon and on our port side and a great white surfaced, maybe 12 feet....big. For sure thought i would lose my fish to this laviation! and before we new it...back down. No picture with all the scambling and shouting.....very surreal. Good stuff meeting new capts, Eric Stewart and Capt. Jeff Smith. Highly recommend both! alot of fun and know how to go after these fish. Do luv the Cape...

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 30th 2012 Shoved off at 9am, late start due to t storm concerns. Forecast was 3's on 11 seconds....NOPE! 3 to 5s on 5 seconds was more like it. Skirted three squalls with zaps coming down, spooky to see the day time light up...Sat weather service made it very managable to avoid any fronts on the prowl.

Went to full jig mode.....doubled up right away! we drifted a 1 mile drift 4 times to go 4 for 5. All under fish. For fun, I rigged a stout DAIWA bass livelining rig up and Bryan had a ball, 30 minutes tuggin and screaming reel fun! Not huge fish but we stayed busy.

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 13th 2012 It was a very short lived bite, over by 7:30am. Bluefish covered up the spread for the balance of the day making it a tough one. Mucho life, from bonito to leatherback and logger head turtles, some finback whales showed up and a new surprise....a Risso whale...looks like and oversized dolphin and super fast. Tuna are usually around these whales too. They just have been the same size, unders. There have been a few large unders taken east and a few reports of even larger ones. Water is warm 80 degrees. Hope for a better report in the coming week.....

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 9th 2012 Girls day on the tuna grounds Sunday....and darn good. Late start with a front moving through...glad they move fast. Got lines wet at 7:30, double hookup on the troll...then double on the jig in the, slowed to a crawl. Transitition now from troll to chunking and jigging, great marks sitting on the bottom, there will definitly still be troll shots but looking forward to using bthe DAIWA gear on heavier fish!

- Capt. Chris
Report: July 1st 2012 Water is clean and in low to mid 70s. Ample amount of bait too. The month of June there were plenty of tuna but just all under fish...27 to 47 inches, however most of these fish were in the 27 to 38 inch range, very different from last year this time, when we had fish to 150 lbs. There are alot of fish that are larger south of our waters and just a matter of time before they work their way here. Mahi (chickens) have also entered the area. Should be very soon on the larger fish.....every season the pattern always changes...see what comes. Also, had 3 pods of tuna in the 20/30lb class pushing water on top...a cool sight.

- Capt. Chris
may 10th fishing report

REPORT June 24th, 2012

Ran offshore with Nick C and his father inlaw. Conditions where the best this season! 4 knot winds, waves maybe 2 feet every 12 seconds. Finback whales and many turtles....reallly nice. Morning bite we picked up 2 underfish in the 40 inch range, then a midday quit spell and 4 more in the same size for the afternoon before running back to the barn. Surface water temps broke 75 with the sun beating on it. A few more weeks and we should start getting some dodos moving in....(dorados). Nick has some mad camera skills, so we should be seeing some very cool video soon!

Capt. Chris


may 10th fishing report

REPORT June 10th 2012

Had Chris Gatley bring in the VIP's from DAIWA for a great day. Had Tom, President and Takeshi, Reel design and developement on board. It was really cool to tinker with the new prototypes.... really neat stuff to come!The inshore canyons are holding plenty of bft in the 50/60 pound class... no over fish yet (47 in. to 73 in.) Chef Michael really raised it a notch with 4 variations of tuna. He's very good and there was plenty left over... which really goes to show, you dont have to take alot to enjoy the ocean. Good guys... good day!

Capt. Chris




may 10th fishing report

REPORT May 27th 2012

Ran to the tuna grounds...about 66 mile run...concerned as thunder & lightning trailed us but once the storm cells came over water they disapated. Hit a nice body of tuna, all cookie cutter size, 42 to 44 inches and fat...packed with sandeels and anchovies. We went 9 for 13 on the day! last track we had a double hook was thick with whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks finning on top. Great to get out on these tuna....getting our over (47 to73) would have made it perfect but we made it up in volume.....1 fish went home for the table. Will report soon...

Capt. Chris



may 10th fishing report

REPORT May 23rd 2012

Best bass day this spring....just awesome! went 5 for 8 drifting live bunker. All fish 25 to 35 lbs and 1 bass pushing a bit higher. LOL...just changing my Daiwa saltist from 30ld braid to 55 after we lost that beast last week. The right move, really great fish. The big one had a mouth that looked like it could eat a softball! Hoping to offshore this weekend. Will report.

Capt. Chris


may 10th fishing report

REPORT May 17th 2012

Had Sheridan and Lonnie out...ran south to the bunker pods (thick). Water popped about 5 degrees. Covered alot of water..... bunker, dolphin, bluefish and more bunker. Using light tackle saved the day, Tsumani 7 ft spin rods with Cabo PT 40s on 15 lb gators is alot of fun!.... Need another body of bass to make there way in....its not for a lack of bait....was double snagging on those bunker schools. Offshore conditions have deteriorated the last few days with the wind is coming of of the east again. Looks like small craft for both sat/sund. Be an inshore weekend.

Capt. Chris


may 10th fishing report

REPORT May 10th 2012

This last week the fishing has really picked up into overdrive! just gotta pick your windows because everytime a front moves through, we get that east wind on the backside of it, that just clamps things down. The bass have been FAT....on spin and fly , 20 lb fish for the taking. On bunker, even bigger!

Also have been on the tuna twice! inshore and offshore...about a month early too...sweet.

Missed the offshore hookup, a day after full moon, they were on the surface but not chompin....and i new that, yet i had to run for them, had a perfect weather day... Right up to the full moon is best, the first few days after a full, its very slow....on a side note...sorry for delay in reports and photos...had some technical hickups...all good now. Gonna try offshore this weekend.

Capt. Chris


REPORT May 3rd

Ran a little bit and knew it would be tough with this east blow the last couple of days....nice to find a body of fish without any schoolies in it, Nice to boat a bunch.... that water sure turns clean when it comes from the east tho....will be out the next few days... will report.

REPORT April 29th

Out Saturday with Dave, salmon fly guy in from Oregon. Just had a fast moving system plow through so it got changed up a bit. Steady blow out of the northwest, 15 plus knots, looks out to the north for today with heavier gusts....

Couldnít find the line siders but had fun on a bakerís dozen of feisty bluefish on the fly rods....Dave is a chrome guy but the "pugnacious ones" were a blast on the fly!

Report soon....


REPORT April 21st

Got a few runs out this week and well....very "on/off" action....Aaron and his guys had a tight schedule Monday, got out at 5:30am, outgoing tide, bait and gannets everywhere, no bass....they had a 12:30 flight so had to bail before the changing tide....of course....IT EXPLODED on the incoming.....grrrr. Had the pleasure of taking Gus out during mid week, we jumped on the right tide. Gannets dive bombing, bait mostly in the mid water column. Counted 9 times, piggy sized bass would follow Gus's storm shads all the way to the boat, then bank off. That was frustrating to watch. These were really fat fish, got to think they have just been really eating a lot and getting picky. The bait was a combo of sand eels and smaller shads....Finished up the week today with Chris/Steve and Ken...out at first light, marked them well and then....fog, and thick! Maybe 50/75 yard visual. Marked sparatic bait and no help from the gannets...just too soupy.. Not an easy week, worked hard and sometimes they just dont feed on our schedules.

On an up note, offshore water has a nice eddy moving in, think that we could have a jump start as early as a month ahead of schedule....Wednesday is the next fishable day... will be out.

Capt. Chris

Standing by....

REPORT April 14th

2012 season is here and the bass season opens on the 15th! Indications this week, is that there is a ton of bait inshore with some great bass action, only hurdle is that itís been gusting close to 45 mph out of the west. I will be splashing "Revenge" on Friday most likely.  She is looking pretty clean....ready to get some blood on the deck! The weather looks good for next week and has a few booked charters. Any interests please give me a shout.

Also pleased to share....I have joined Team Daiwa's Pro Staff. Loaded up on a bunch of their state of the art gear. Line, striper rods, reels. Very stoked to put the tuna gear to work too, Saltiga 6500 and 5000's with jigging rods. A great product line. The Saltiga reels have the new magnetic oil....pretty cool technology.

Also in, is the new schwag....the MF shirts come to clients free with the offshore runs, however if you are interested and not running off shore, you can pick one up for 30 clams....PELAGIC, makes great quality garb.

Report soon, Capt. Chris

REPORT December 14th 

The season is winding down here. The bass action is off the hook good, once the water temps broke 50. Birds, sandeels and bass everywhere!  Could not find charlie yesterday, even tho there was massive amount of bait. The recent body of fish has moved through and the next body of fish should be plowing through soon enough. A few more runs, then its time to haul the boat. A good season.

REPORT December 5th

The inshore tuna run is explosive!  fish from 50 to 200 lbs are running through. 2/3 weeks left in the season, so, if you want to tussel with a big mean fish give me a will be over sooner than we want! 

REPORT November 27th 

The sand eels are in thick, lots of bass and can comfortably say that charlie has made his way in tight and close. The last 2 weeks have had to do some running to find them due to lack of sand eels, not now!...15 miles from the marina. Yesterday we chased 2 pods in the morning before the wind picked up. Had one legit shot.... as the balance of the season progresses, the pods should get larger and more of them ( as in last seasons). Hope for a mild december.

REPORT November 20th 

Had Tim Shaw and his boys out Saturday for the tuna. Honking good out of the south in the AM. 4 to 5s, 15 to 20 knots. Punched even harder in the PM, 6 to even some 7s... gusting 25....yikes. The guys toughed it out. Saw one leviathan breach.... looked like a piano hitting the water on re-entry!. Yeah, you can cast from the bow but hang on, its like standing at the end of a 35 foot diving will go vertical!

A few windows this week...Happy Thanksgiving, hope to report by weekend. 
Capt. Chris

REPORT November 10th

Mother nature really playing hardball....but got out, searched low and high, finally found'em in deeper water, running east. Nothing, nothing, like a 60 lb bft on a spinning rod! fantastic! lost a larger one, 30 minutes later.... There were just no sand eels the last 2 weeks....finally showing . Small balls here and there.
Of course it will honk this weekend....again but the upside there, I hope, that more bait get pushed in....Danny is a big boy and he really put the boot to this fish.... :)

Capt. Chris

REPORT October 31th

Late Report due to the 9 inches of pre-halloween snow that killed our power for 4 days....graetful to have a generator ( even tho they sound lkike a diesel truck in the back yard).

Got out with Chris and James on friday before the blow. Found a bit deeper 60//70 feet on rain bait again. 27 to 33 inch fish, not as large as the earlier batch but nice fish. It was good feed.... about 3 hours long.

Looking for windows to scout the inshore tuna soon, however the next few days we will have 6 footers rolling in from the east from another offshore storm. Mother nature is sure throwing it at us this season! The inshore tuna should show any day now....

Will report.

REPORT October 18th

Ran to Inshore Canyons, found fat alberts and more footballs...bigger, girthier relatives to follow these pups....all throw backs. Had a short bass lul but looks like it came back with nice fish on the Jersey side...foul weather mid week, weeks end looks good to run. Will report! 

Capt. Chris

REPORT October 18th 

Headed for the inshore canyons but stopped short to find blitzing 25/30 lbers on bay anchovies....4 hours of slob mayhem! grateful to get out.... honking to gale speed winds the last 4 days.
The fall run really looks like it opened up with water breaking the 60 degree mark!

Capt. Chris

REPORT October 11th 

Oct footballs arrived this weekend! Likely see the pattern again...the bfts will get closer and closer to the shoreline and get larger. Watter temps are still unseasonably high so hope that produces an extended fall run.... Went 8 for 8 on the little bfts. All chucked back for another day. Will be a pleasure to find these fish with in 30 miles verses running 100!
Oct is filling fast, but a few spots open but please call me for Nov...shoud really heat up then!

Capt. Chris

REPORT October 3rd

Got James and company out on Sunday...hope to run offshore but a huge swell out there....6 to 8s. Opted for ablie chasing inshore. With the recent temp break... it went off!

Each angler had muliple hook ups and great fun.... lure of choice, Vision sand eels...worked very well. With clean cooler water.... its pay back time !  looking forward to a great autunm! Looking offshore by mid we if weather holds...
Capt. Chris

REPORT September 27th

Spoke to Tom (Salty Dogs) on Monday, sratched a good crew togeather to go deep, fog but low wind and swell. Tom, Myself, John (ReelTight) Brian and Pat...some concerns about debis so we shoved of at 4am. B-lined to the deep, did not see any debris to speak of... full spread laid out....not 30 minutes when one of the most violent strikes i (all of us) ever experienced! Somehow when the Eye Ball struck, the line wrapped on the tip (we think) of the outrigger...clean break, carbon fiber, on the second section. Came crashing down! This fish ran like a locomotive...a ton of line taken out and deep...John worked him well....35 minutes later 175lb eye ball. Second fish hits within minutes of resetting the spread... yellowfin, I grab it... 50 lb class...had a complete skipjack in its gut...Third fish was the the pig-beast... Brian jumps on that 190 lber.... 40 minute battle....screaming line out then it just sat deep (put a burn on Brian lower back and other unmentionables, ha!) these were super fat eye the mix Tom and Pat were spanking longs fins... the spread would go off... drop a jig and bang!

Hope to run Saturday
Capt. Chris

Capt. Chris with Brian ... a job well done!

REPORT September 22th

A "Dreamers Bounty".....on the inshore action! a couple of windows opened up. Decent bass, pods of albies skippin around and gator blues! Water seems to be cleaning up at a good rate... more clarity now. Had Chris Clackner and Phil shook out on the Fly... loads of fun! unsual # of smaller Thresher sharks around too. will be running inshore sat and sunday with hopes of running offshore next week...
 Capt. chris

REPORT September 19th

Well the offshore alge bloom is beginning to break up....slowly, so, I should be running off shore next week to look for BFT. Rain this week and a decent swell is holding us back.
Good news on the inshore action tho, Albies made it into our waters at the beginng on the week! some decent bass around too! will be running after these inshore speedsters bewteen rain fronts moving through this week...will report!
 Capt. Chris

REPORT September 5th

Not to much to report other than terrible ocean conditions out there...ran Saturday with Flip and his son Tad on the search for BFT. Greener than green water, more so than before Irene and I was hoping that would clean it out....reality, made it worse. The upstate and NJ flood zones are pumping tons of fertilizer into the bays which will make it out to the ocean, feeding the bloom...a real shame. Nearest blue water now is about 130 mile run...doable but  long. With more rain this week forecasted, it does not look great. Katia will most likely stray out to the mid atlantic but at a Cat 3, still needs to be monitored, definitely a big swell will  be the result. Running back on the last run between the HA nad BA  bouy's the water went from pea green to chocolate brown.... looked like the amazon river.... Hope some positive effect from Katia will result.
 Capt. Chris

REPORT August 20th 

Got up to Chatham CC on the 13th....blew out of the east for first 3 days with a good swell,  didnt get out till the end of the week....found the greenest water I had ever seen up there and been going there since i was a kid. Tons of whales and bait but no tuna. The prior week there were 50 to 70 inch fish 6 miles off the beach but once that green water moved in it was over. Strangely, the same thing is happening down in NJ/NY waters too...A massive alge bloom up to 100 plus miles out. Apperently this is caused by the the South West wind that cause the cold nutrient rich  waters to well up... which causes the alge to bloom, after several days it dies off and sucks all the oxygen out of the water...leaving it lifeless.

Basically... we need a a hurricane or healthy storm to flush this out...
 Will report next week with better intel (I hope).
 Capt. Chris

REPORT August 5th

Had the 2 Travis's out, Parker and Neil. Ran to the tuna grounds with no wind and a soft 3 ft swell every 8 seconds....nice. Wet lines by 7am and after about 15 minutes... 3 fish became unglued and Travis sticks a very nice 46 and 1/2 incher, super fat and packed with sandeels to the gills....a very nice fish....put some serious "burn" on his fore arms...

Parker then pulled up chubby shorty...another nice round one....Travis # 2 also had a few bft hook ups but unbottoned. The surprise of the day was Neils Scalloped Hammer Head hit a jig! large fish...almost 7 ft. (it destroyed my twinspin accurate 20). The most amazing part was how green the water was....pea soup, conditions like that are usually not very fishable...not this day.

Will be running the balance of this week and then up to Cape Cod from the 13th to 20th...and running trips when I get back....
 Capt. Chris

REPORT July 31st  
Got out with Kevin and John for a PM run...also Had James on board from England. The AM swell sat down to make the jigging conditions reasonable...went 3 for 3 on our under fish (27 to 47)...2 released well.

Sunday was a bit tougher.....
Lots of life out there. Will be chartering till the 12th, then Cape Cod bound till the 21st. There have been large tuna off P-town. I do have a couple of windows open before the 12th...
 Capt. Chris

REPORT July 25st 

Out Saturday and Sunday  escaping this heat. Had Cris and friends Saturday, got to the BFT grounds around 6:30, inital jig dropped, hooked up on a nice fish which then came undone....a slow morning proceeded.... midday action picked up with other pelagics...a mako pup and a decent mahi....tons of whales, turtles, cow nose rays...water almost 80 degrees.
 Got out  Sunday as well...smoother seas. Quickly picked up 2 "football" tunas which were quick releases back in....The usual grounds we had been working just wasnt producing....tracked out to deeper water and found lots of marks....grabbed 2 and John landed one....nice fish.
Capt. Chris

REPORT July 21st

So.... coming back with Brian last weekby Coney Is. , I kissed a rail road tie out there because of the full moon tide and it was partially submerged. Just cant see'em....needless to say, my lower unit was shot, thats why it is critical to  having an excellent motor Guy.... Thats Kevin!, 4 day turn around.... cant move faster than that!...splash today.
What made it even better, got an invite  to join Capt. Tom 'O on his new yellowfin 39, wow....while mine was hanging bon straps.Very nice rig!.
Ran to the 100 square at midnight... slow troll on the yellowfins. Headed back to the inshore canyons for 3 hours of mayhem!!!! run offs, double headers, triple headers, laps around Toms finn! great fun!...these fish were blowin up on snot, on the surface!....42 to 46 in. class fish and very fat!
Hope weather holds for the weekend!
 will report...
Capt. Chris

REPORT July 18th 

Ran on friday the 15th.... with Rob and Ken.  Trolling the Chicken Canyon....slow am. Made our way to the other spot, AP. Finally PM bight started to heat up...We jigged up 3 fish....all became unbottoned.... tough day but great conditions....Got Back out on Sunday, had a small window to get out.....had Brian from last week, he def came back for more (the  tuna bug bit him!).
We had pretty sloppy conditions, 3 to 5s out of the SW. First light, Brian had a substancial fish!
Basically was going where ever it wanted to....ran at the boat twice, second run....unglued. By mid day Brian was tight again....respectable 50  pounder....this week looks to get shut out with poor weather....
 Capt Chris

REPORT July 7th

Ran after the Scalloper draggers yesteday am. not long before we got socked in good with the fog and had to drop the boat speed....Burned off and found the scallopers...only 2! last few weeks there at least a dozen and a 1/2 working the area. Again they shared the scallop bounty.
Once the scalloper started shucking, which created a mile long slick with the drift. It was like ringing the lunch bell! Tuna all around cool to look down 15/20 feet in clean water and see'em! Went 3 for 5....all slot fish 40 to 46 inches...topping out at 55 pounds. Great fighting size on the jig rods!...kept the 45 inch for the table. All the boats were hooking up around using snot bait. I thiink this is the tail end of the scallope season out there....will be switching to more traditional methods for the bft.... 
Capt. Chris

REPORT July 4th  

Sorry for the late report....busy as usual.
Ran to the hudson Canyon just before the 4th , trolled the West wall then cut to the elbow and up the east wall. Coulnt find Yellowfin but we did see 2 white marlin sunning on the surface and we did raise 3 more...last one charging the ballyhoo. We were hooked up for a few minutes and "pop". Very cool fish to see....ran to the inshore canyons to find the bluefin bite. Found a scallope boat and they are yelling over here...under the boat! so i pinned it over to'em...Im yelling you have guts? ...they respond..."we need hooks", ok, I got. trade 1/2 dozen circle hooks for 10 pounds of scallop guts...then they say here.... hey throw what looks to be a thirty pound pillow sack of shucked scallops!  (now that was a trade)....tough on the tuna hunt but coming home with 30+ lbs of scallops...pretty good.

Capt. Chris

REPORT July 1st

Last few runs have been interesting...the bluefin have been in the same location the last few weeks, however the tactics and fish size have changed. the Bluefin tuna have been smaller and the have been hunkering around the the scallop boats, the more tradtitional methods have not been effective.....a change to using "snot bait".... basically scallop guts, very effective. Outside of the fleet using Ballyhoo we brough up a Dusky shark between 6/7 feet.... took a heep on line on the first run. Really neat looking fish! Running to the edge to look for Yellowfin the next few days....
Capt. Chris

REPORT June 24th|

Got out Wednesday before this incoming front blows out the next few days, Great day!
Robert wanted to run his new 35 Contender offshore so, we loadded up with my tuna gear and ran to the area of the Chicken Canyon...found some scallopers and in went the lines...first hit in 10 minutes! this continued for the for the balance of the on about every 25 minutes or so.
Went 4 for 5 in the 41 to 46 inch class fish. Yup...all on Sterling Green Machines...Released 3 healthy strong fish....1 stayed for the table.
Roberts boat sure is  sweet..."State of the Art". Honked home at a blistering 63mph! very nice....
Next weather window looks like monday...maybe sunday.
The Tuna fishing has been  very good....consistant and healthy strong fish.
Currently booking open days in July...So! give me a shout.
Capt. Chris

REPORT June 20th

Made it out to Chicken Canyon Yesterday...Strong Tuna bite on the troll! Color of choice...Green Sterling spreader bars. No other color was effective. Went 6 for 6 in the under slot size, 41 to 46 inches, little "fat Boys" packed with squid. Really cool to watch the spread on the troll and watch the blow ups on the spreaders as these fish come in for a strike! Tried hard but we could not find our over...Brought one fish home, all others released healthy and strong. Dave and Craig had some steaks to go... Amazing amount of squid out there!.Will report on this coming Wednesdays run....
Capt. Chris

REPORT June 13th

Made it out Friday, however, it was a late start due to poor weather the prior evening...Found BFT at the Chicken Canyon. Just not as large, maybe due to the late start...lines in the water at 10:30am verse's 6am.  Other boats in the area maxed out in the 70 lb range that AM.
A couple of days of poor weather and Im running again this week. 2 reliable sources have seen fish in the commerical size (greater than 73 inches) in the the area  closer in  than I have run the last 2 trips...Had Ken shoot the most awesome under water video the the 140 lb class tuna we had Monday! check it out!
Gettin that feeling that this could be a banner yr!!! early tuna, warm water and in close.
 Capt. Chris

REPORT June 1st  

Ran monday ( after some maintance issues) to "The Edge", 110 miles in pancake conditions...EPIC! threw on the afterburners and we ran hard...shoving off at 3:30AM. We had lines in the water at 6:15AM. Gin clear conditions out there....whales, dolphins, lots of life! First screaming reel at 6:40AM.....Kenny horses a nice 50lb class fish....Next, to strap  in, is Nick..."the Aussie"....went to work hard on a 140 lb class fish about 57 inches....fantastic fish!  Next up...JimmyJacks, throttles down  on another nice 50 lb class bft. We had our under/over so we ran to the "West Wall" on the Hudson canyon in hopes for Yellowfin. Found cooler water, the warm water eddie that wast there late last week has moved on...

Throttle down...232 mile round trip in 12 hours and change...A great, great first offshore run!!
We left those fish feeding at theTexas Tower!
Gimme a shout if you want to run!
Capt. Chris

REPORT June 1st 

A great Memorial day weekend....sort of in a transition mode here...water warming quickly (mid 60s) and lots of rain has made the Lower NY bay so-so. Plenty of bluefish around and some decent bass. The larger stripers have been along the NJ shore line with 40 pounders not uncommon.

On the upside NOAA and NMFS have stated that the Atlantic Bluefin stocks are healthy enough not to warrent a endagered species alert. That is still very much in question in my mind....but we only take what we need...not what we want. Bluefin and yellowfin are in the Canyon now and have been for the last 10 days or so, weather has not permitted us to run but just maybe a window at the end of this week could open. A large 75 degree warm water eddie is sitting right on top to the Hudson Canyon now. 

Until that window opens...Had the Pee-Wee division out chasing snappers  over the weekend and loving it!  Friday/Sat window....please.............. 

Capt. Chris

REPORT May 24th  

Tough weekend out there....
Thick fog out there this weekend, to add insult, my radar/sonar went down! running at 4 knots in shipping channel in NYC harbor can sure tweek your senses! finally made it to the grounds after the sun burned most of the fog off but the bite had died by then....the morning bite this spring has been very good! 25 pound fish are pretty common  using bunker. Sunday got the rada/sonar up and running and back out there this looks a bit snotty but there will be windows.
Tight lines,
Captain Chris

REPORT May 16th  

Had Jordan and his his college texas buds in....had good action, not explosive surface rolling on bunker but good blind casting on marked activity...tuna at the Hudson now too 25 degree break...WOW! gonna run, if window opens....its a good start. still a few dates open....feel free to inquire.
 Capt. Chris
917 531 4783

REPORT May 9th
Got my first guys, Dale Kidwell and his son, (now the KIDWELL TEAM)! out this weekend and it was pretty good! Initally worked areas east and the water was pretty chilly, 46 to 48...not much life. Made a run south and temps inproved well, 50 to 54 dregree water and a TON of bait! so crazy that my guys were throwing storm shad and they would actually snag the bunker, which are about 3 to 4 time the lenght of the shads.This was happening every 3 or 4 casts....not really matching the  hatch! Smallest bass was 18 lbs and another dozen from 20 to 26 lbs....lost one fish at the boat that was large, over 30 llbs, just shook his head once and out came the shad....Many large bass around! 
This spring action is really very good!
Capt. Chris Hessert
917 531-4783

REPORT March 28th

Shaking off the cobwebs and gearing up for a new season!! cant wait and gettin stoked...Got a new shipment in of cool garb. Hearing J-bay is on fire, some fat bass are already being taken....the fin is in its gussied up phase and should splash mid April. Wish it could be sooner but taken the boys to F-L-A to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins...that should get them fired up!...winter is the easy part...its the March/April that moves at a snails pace. Lots of new toys to play with...really looking forward to to the new CHEEKY fly reels...pretty darn sweet!....check out the new MF/Pelagic shirts all anglers will receive with a charter....EASY BIG FELLA, JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS NOW.....  
See you on the brine,
Capt. Chris
917 531-4783

REPORT December 12th
 Last run we peeked on the outside after that relentless 5 days blow ended. Ran the usual haunts only to see  3 busting tuna....Water dropped to a numbing 42 degrees, so we ran inshore to look for bass...found'em at breezy, nice bass to 16/17 pounds and just smothered in herring! could not believe the amount of Bait out there!. Fred and Pedro enjoyed the last run of the that the herring are here in size and Im hauling the boat....without question, the tuna will show and I bet it will be dramatic...merry christmas and happy holidays!
 Capt. chris

REPORT November 23th

Out Sunday on the tuna  and the size of these fish was pretty staggering. Counted seven fish breaching that were over 6 feet in lenght! just big! Had  DJ and his fishing buddy Chris out in the general area. On the third set up, we laid a sluggo nicely in the middle of a boil.....BOOOM!   Chris had him on....4 laps around the boat, only after screaming out a ton of braid.

Chris's dance with "BRUTUS" lasted about 23 minutes.....then the hook popped.  Chris was fighting this fish with a custom made rod specifically for these fish from Fishermans outfitters in Glouster with a Twin Spin 30L and 100 pound braid. Drag initially set up at 18 pounds, tuna ran like a freight train, kranked the drag up to 25, still ran. Needless to say...Chris and JD have vowed to return to the scene!
Capt. Chris

REPORT November 15th

Small craft warning 4 days in a row...some kind of record!, tryed twice to go out side and just ran into 8 to 10s....evil conditions. Even bounced around on six's inshore...chocolate water inside with just schoolie bass....finally made it out yesterday and today...toons still there in a big way....many scattered pods....and large. Hope mother nature will let us chase 'em for the balance of the season with fair weather... 
will report soon...
 Capt. Chris

REPORT November 8th

The Inshore Bluefin are in and in a big way!!! Had Fred A. on yesterday...running inshore in 3/4 footers and big tuna blowing up on the surface...EPIC action!!! Fred had the fish on for a good 50 minutes and at least a dozen laps arounds the finn...this fish was a bull dozer!...once in the boat, it measured a decent 54 inches...80 pound range. That fish went to town on my Accurate twin spinn 20 !! making all sorts of funny sounds now...back to the shop. Pretty  much gonna focus on these fish as long as weather opp's are there...till dec 20th...if you want to get the "grunt" on with a BFT....PING me...catch'em up!
Capt. Chris

Had Rob, George, Basil and Todd out....Ran at 3:30am, out 73 miles...grey light got everything ready. we set up the jig rods, chucked and free lined sardines .... EXPLODING all morning ... just awesome! the guys broght their mojo ... just new what to do and when! boated 15 fish, released 14 healthy strong ones and probably lost 8 or so to spit hooks or broken lines...A great day! Fish averaged 40/45 pounds, a few a litttle bigger...

Capt. Chris Hessert

REPORT October 12th 

Off shore has been near impossible with foul weather in the way of swells...difficult to get solid BFT reports in any fashion, front after front is making it just.. frustrating. Inshore however, has been solid, yet water is still pretty warm in the upper 60's...that has not stopped the albie action or the bonito for that matter which have been very thick, yet super picky...the 100 cast fish! No point in running and gunning on these critters...patient and wait, they will blow up by the boat. Deadly dicks, pink split tails, even 6 inch sluggos...on the fly side the sand eel pattern, crystal critters and clousers are the standard fair....Stripers are around, thicker east, get these water temps to dip and it should fire up...maybe the off shore seas will open up soon?

Will report again soon ...Catch'em up!
Capt. Chris Hessert

REPORT October 3rd 

Got out to chase some inshore albies w/ Tim Driscoll and his dad...found some gooorilla blues on the West Bar, bruisers....the albies were camera shy, sometimes pre and post a a front the action can be very good or a dead sea.  As one one my buddy's said...." I will take a 15 pound blue over a 30 pound bass any day". Cause the inshore bass have been skinny!. Sure like to know how many pounds per square inch those fish can clamp down? Monday and Tuesday looking ugly and sitting down by Thursday, I  think I actually have 2, maybe 3 off shore shots at the end of the week! getting grey whiskers waitin too! hold on guys...we are almost there!!! Sept has been one of the ugliest weather months in a long, long time! ready for the big bounce back!
Will report...
Capt. Chris

September th UPDATE

Had Scott Caras and the guys from , the prototype is the BOMB!, very sweet reel...worth taking a very close look, in the standing of a Nautilus...
Think the albies were "in the know" with the coming storm...very thin bite but did pull a few bass out at the west bar....cheeky will be back to chase the Nov. inshore tuna run!
More next week....
Capt. Chris

September 27th UPDATE

Some serious offshore conditions kept us from running, talking 6 footers on 6 seconds with bigger in the mix, just too short and too steep. Had Dale and his son out and we chased the albies along the beach down pretty good, those little pelagics can really put the boot to light tackle! those Van Staals 100's were screaming good!

Wednesday should be pretty cool, have the fellas from out to demo some of their cool reels and shoot a promo video...gonna be fun! if you have a chance, check out their gear...Looking at at a window maybe Thurs through the weekend to chase the albies big blue cousins....not worried yet, we have till christmas! Oh, motors are purrrrrrring!
Capt. Chris

September 20th UPDATE

Spanking new motors on the the yellowfin!!! ready to run! Solid BFT reports off shore to 80 pounds and the albies have shown up inshore!, this weekend looks pretty ugly weather wise offshore but decent condtions inshore will let us chase the albies!
The new motors are getting me an extra 7/8 knots! and with the fall run just starting, think about giving me a ping to get out as it starts to get busy!
Thx, Capt. Chris

August 28th UPDATE 

While the yellowfin is getting repowered with new zuks...I had the chance to get out with Adam and his friend Marty on "The Fever", a very sweet Viking a house that goes 33 knots!

A good day, we went 4 for 5 on the Bluefin, best at 80 pounds....I sleep better on other peoples boats! especially with the AC cranking! Should have the yellowfin up and running after laborday. With Earl and Fiona tracking this way...not a better time to repower!
Will have more to report!
capt. Chris

August 20th UPDATE 

Well, bailed from the cape with strong tuna reports back down in our waters...(wife and boys a few extra days at the cape). Ran out about 70 miles to find nice fish, Had Brian, his father in law and and friend Roger out. Bite died a bite so we headed north and East when we hear a loud bang!? Port engine blew....ugh....ran back on one engine, took a little while but every one got back safe with some good fish. 2 new engines delievered tomorrow and up and running real soon...looks like weather will keep us off the water for at least this week and see how the new hurricane tracks the next few days... will report with 2 shiney new motors!!!!
Capt. Chris

August 10th UPDATE

Been on on the Cape, in Chatham, have not fished as much as I would have liked...blowing good...same back down in the NY waters. Did get out with Capt. Jeff Beez, we ran to Crab Ledge, too foggy to see anything so we turned north to the BC buoy. Found big fish busting on the interest in skirted bally or spreaders...found some birds working bait so casted big yo-zuri bull plugs. Had to crank super fast to keep the birds off the lure...big BANG, a nice fish missles out of the water crashing on the plug!! WOW...started screaming line so fast that the klicker busted...taking mucho line...had to put the boot to it...finally slowed...then slack line....reeling like crazy, got tight again...then pop......ugh! happened twice....big fish here. During the blow outside...been running CJ and Nichol around the inside looking for seals...they had a ball. The third day we were out the, Harbor patrol comes over and blows on the horn...spotter plane saw a 14 great white near Tern Island...alll beachs are closed on the inside and outside up to Orleans...Tern isl. only has 13 ft of water around it....big bad fish....Will  be on the tuna again early in the week...hope to report something good. The swell does not look to sit down until later in the week...maybe running with clients off shore at the end on the week back in ny... The latest video should be up on the the  MF site real sure to check it out!!!
Capt. Chris

July 31st UPDATE

The fishing has just been epic! Blutfin to 110lbs and larger on the inner Canyons and some anglers have done well enough to get both bluefin and yellowfin in 20 to 30 fathoms. Every time we have a visual on skipjack and or cow nose rays the lines start to sing at blistering levels! decent mahi in the mix to 18 lbs too.

Had Kevin and his team from Bloomberg out BFT this season, 58 inches and maybe 110 to 115 lbs...fierce battle for 23 minutes! will have video up in a day or 2 (need to convert it from DVD). Kevin and the BFT gave each other a real working over !!! amazing...will be running this week and then heading to Chatham with family. Coming back down to run charters here on bluebird days...the bite is that good. Logistically, its tough for some of my guys to run to the cape to fish and get a place to crash during peak season and not very $ friendly on a per nite basis either... Running Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting...more to report. There a few openings so, if you want to get into the harness? give a shout!
Capt. Chris

July 24th UPDATE

Outstanding BFT action Friday!, after 10 days of bad off shore weather and only having a few days to run...but FRIDAY MADE UP FOR IT BIG TIME!!! Hit the Compass Rose  area and starting hitting BFT right away, pulled up 5 respectable fish that were released. Moved to the 30 fathom line to find a body of larger fish were Ken went 2 for 3 on some very nice fish, best at about 85/90 pounds and 53 inches...followed by a "fat" 46 ich fish in the 70 lb area...nice have fish like this with in 2 hours when you can run 40 knots !!!!
Capt. Chris

July 20th UPDATE

Got a window on Friday (15th) from 3 am to about noon (weather all week has been crap)...stayed out till 2pm and got spanked in in 4/5's with an occasional 6/7 in the mix! running northeast with a southwest wave wind....long story short, rode the trough's all the way for 60 miles, running between 25 and 35 knots. Stiff drink and a hot shower was all that was needed (and sleep). Worked the Chicken Canyon with a great client ...Bob H. this weather kept many off the water but Bob will always run it there is a shot at tuna. The Bluefin are definitely in our inshore canyons with yellowfin tuna further east to the Larger Hudson canyon. These bluefin are running 30/40 up 100 class fish and the yellowfin from 50 to 80 lb class. Got covered up in skipjack tuna, which on light tackle can be a ton of  fun!...rippin line! Had 2 BFT's on...landed one, a very nice fish...much larger tuna will and are moving north through our waters...need more flat water!
More next week....
Capt. Chris

July 10th UPDATE

After hitting the yellowfin offshore, I had an inshore run with Mike, Bob and Neil, the water has been really warm inside and was thinking the bass action would be very skinny at best, or a ton of blues...made it around Breezy and the temps dropped to around 70, then we got visuals on what looked like acres of bunker. Casted snaggers to live line but the crazy part was these pigs crash on the snagged bunkers before we could even get'em to the boat to live line!! it got to be just nutty...every cast that snagged a bunker, we had keeper size and up. This went for 3 hours...I guess resheduling with Neil last year was a good omen for hittin'em!
The next day I was back out there and it was the dead sea...80 degree water, all bunker had moved on...Sometimes these cold water eddies hold along the beach and you can find bass in them later in the summer...always good to check the sat sea temp charts...Rutgers has a pretty good one for free online. Be running off shore for the balance of summer and even into Sept in search of the tuna and other Pelagics... tight lines...

July 8th UPDATE

Got out to the Hudson Canyon with awesome reports from prior 2 days... left at midnight and got out there about 4am...nowind/nowaves. Many small chicken mahi, than about 6am see a massive Great White Shark, maybe 17 feet in lenght, we nudged up to her to get a better look....spooky, could see those black eyes... happend so fast my only other picture is one of the deck but we got right next to her...finish trolling the west wall and made our way over to the East wall where we heard our favorite song...screaming reels...70 lb yellowfin on the deck! warm clean water and so much life. My buddy Danny was fighting a white marlin, Chris was on blue marlins...saw a couple of hammer heads...just awesome eye candy out there...every couple of hundred yards we would see something happening with the flat water, MolaMola suning, sharks finning, ended up being a 20 hour day...cant wait to get back out!

Capt. Chris

June 28th UPDATE

Made our second off shore run on Friday, headed for the west wall of the Hudson Canyon. Ran at almost 40 mph and got there in a little over 2 1/2 hrs. Lots of life, too many whales to count, the prior Monday, Chris on the Chicken of the sea tapped 2 eye balls, 207 and 209 in the same area and a bunch of yellowfin, he had some warner water, low 70' weeks end when we got out it was in the high sixties and gin solid run off...then gone. Heard some chatter on the VHF, so we headed over to the Chicken Canyon, as we approached the area one boat pulled up a 58 inch BFT...sweet, however, our gear got mauled by bluefish, wolf packs would desimate our gear...after 18 ballywhoos used up, we headed back to the barn....220 mile round trip in 14 hours. The big eye/yellowfin and bluefin are in our inshore waters...need a weather window, maybe weeks end.

Report at weeks end.

Capt. Chris

June 20th UPDATE

Got out off shore friday with a great weather window...ran to Resor wreck, found many, many monster bluefish shredding up our gear. Hauled it up and ran to the Glory hole, found 71 degree water, tuna chicks, whales lots of life, looked promising...found 2 large pods of tuna feeding on the surface....GOT STOKED, ran closer and they were just puppies, maybe 25 to 28 inch BFT. left for another day when they would be much larger...
Pretty hot tuna action down south, Toms, Poor mans canyon, they are limiting out on yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna and some eye balls (big eye tuna)....They are a week away. Right know the best offshore weather looks like thurs/Fri/sat (subject to change). boat is running great, did 145 miles friday and burned 107 gallons....pretty good. Its going to blow up any day now. keep u posted.
Capt. Chris

June 14th UPDATE

Glad to say the water temps have dropped and its back in the upper 50s... can only chalk it up to that last full moon and and a strong blast of warm water.... it really shut the bass action down hard for a while.... The afternoon spring tide and been moving water and a lots of bait. Plenty of bass back in and running in the 28-31 length. i think that water temp blast was really an anomaly, we should see these temps for the balance of the month with plenty of good bass action.

The tuna reports are coming trickling in from the south and some very respectable fish been caught. If some decent temp breaks show up this week or some strong intel, we will be making a run for it. Its not long know. I have firm interest in the Cape Cod run for Bluefin. we have filled 4 charters and would like to fill 4 more...we can take up to 4 anglers and i will have a local mate (important) running with us. those dates are Aug 7th to the 24th. Give me a shout at 917 531-4783 with interest and or questions... otherwise, sorry for getting the report out late...running nutty between camp/soccer/swimming classes and getting the boat tweaked for off shore! more action to report in the coming week.

Capt. Chris


Aug 7th through the 21st I will haul the Yellowfin to Chatham Cape Cod for Bluefin giant fishing. I have some clients that have expressed interest so its a go. Chatham tuna fishing is world class...period. Last August one run we hooked in 8 200 lb fish...just awesome. I will be shooting emails out to current clients and if you have interest please let me know. Its a 2 week window so I will be limited probably to about 10 runs, do not have to run far however...thats the great part. I can take 4 anglers per run ( also a mate) and the runs will be 10 to 12 hours at 300.00 per angler. Please give me a shout if you have interest in fishing Chatham for giants...otherwise, starting the 15th I will be chasing em here.


Capt. Chris


From 3 different sources....BLUEFIN TUNA !! 60 to 90 pound class seen chasing bluefish!
As of the 15th of June I will be ready to start running for 'em!

Capt. Chris

May 30th UPDATE

Amazing.... saw this water go from 43 to 65 in the last 2 weeks! as mentioned bass action was great first half of the month then it got real tough with the full moon and the blues moved in. During the moon, ran all over and no signs of life except for the bait...worked hard but no luck. Turned yesterday with massive schools of bunker in our area and fat bass to 30/35 pounds lurking on the bottom. They would not cooperate one bit...whats worse ...knowing they are there and not hooking or not seeing 'em and trying to hook up? with this moon phase moving I think we should get going in a big way. Big fish being taken on the troll with wire past the EEZ...which is so wrong. (have to stay within the 3 mile limit and out of Federal waters). Many tickets being written. They never learn. Out the balance on the week with more to report. Have a few dates for June left....let me know.

tight line,

capt. chris.

May 24th UPDATE

The water temps have popped about 8 degrees, from the mid 40's to 54...
The action the last 2 weeks has been very good. We had bass to 27 pounds and upwards of 37 and spin!  bait by the metric ton out there! vast amounts, which has brough in a fin back whale, maybe in the 50 ft range,  its been hanging around for some time now, no need to leave with all this bait. Saw this last body of fish move on and things have been a bit skinny  the last 2 days with just some blue fish shredding lures and flies...As I mentioned earlier, I believe more bodies of fish will move thru, peaking in mid late June with great action to be had....still have a openings for June, which, I think is really the best bass month... most common charter is the 6 hour, which works great to time with each 6 hour tide cycle to maximize each charter with moving water...
tight lines...
 Capt. Chris

May 10th UPDATE

Bass action is off to a great start! however, there is some serious water temp flux out there, super cold mini eddie along the beach east of Breezy, 46 degree water, warms up to 52 going into Ambrose action was during a peak tide off, shut down at slack and picked up again. Bob had a sweet bass to 34 inchs, popped the line at the boat. I think we will see bodies of fish move through on and off until we roll into June when the action becomes very consisitant...gotta snap of the ICAP money boat too. Will be out the next 3 days...more to report!
Capt. chris

April. 27th UPDATE

Captain Ken's guys are on the "hookup" in the J-Bay area... very nice.

Waiting on one part for one of the Suk motors, $39.00 bucks for the part and it feels like its holding up my world! All things said and done, probably May 1st.

And to add to the itch....I preped the last of last seasons tuna for my wife (Eva)....IT IS TIME !!!

First half of May is pretty busy but check in...I get cancelations, otherwise the second half of May and June, still have spots open...

Tight Lines,
Capt. Chris

Gearing up with some very sweet attire for the new season...working in tandum with PELAGIC GEAR, we came up with a sweet design...dig it. Some thing our off shore clients can look forward to.

This warm air really starting to get me stoked... some bass being caught around the Sandy Hook area on clams now. With all this run off, I am sure that the lower harbor will have some pretty chocolate looking water for a bit but the season is underway!

Capt. Ken Jones

I would like to introduce Capt. Ken Jones, Capt. Ken will be running the TOPAZ 24 this season  out of Gateway marina and we are looking to launch the Topaz around the end of March, the Yellowfin will follow the first week of April. Ken is a great guy and knows his waters and fish! When I found out Ken had put in almost 80 days recreationally !! I was like, I gotta hire this guy!. Keeping the Topaz with Ken in the J-Bay area will sure prove to be an awesome start! he knows all the nok and crannies where the slobs hang in his neck of the woods. Ken is with out question a "light Tackle guy", working best with fly and spin, knows his way around the heavy stuff too. It will be great to have Ken  on board!!
On the other boat, yellowfin 34, she is fully rigged to run offshore with a load of new hardware on her, 10 new custom made pinnicle rods, 4 of them are bent butts 50's, then 4 30's and 2 jig rods making for a full quiver of gear...all loaded with Avet reels, also have 2 twin spin tuna casting rods...all custom gear. so we can jig/cast and troll for the big boys. Best was the enclosure I have enstalled for those not so nice weather days...dry and warm...
I am starting to book for April and May inshore bass runs. Please join us for some really awesome fishing this year aboard the "SWEETPEA and "REVENGE".
Tight lines...
Capt. Chris

END of 2009 SEASON

Dec. 13th
The following blog by Pete McDonald basically says it all.

Big tuna inshore after the last 2 noreaster's have pushed vast amounts of sand eels in, that coupled with warm water 54/55 degrees, has made for some amazing sights!. Sluggos in white, 9 inches have been working. Out Sunday, off Sandy Hook, 150's busting on the surface. These fish are being caught but not easy, the blow ups last about 15/20 seconds, a small window to throw into...however, its being done. The tuna begin to leave the cape cod area once the water falls below 50 degrees and start moving south...over the last 2 weeks the tuna have been getting closer and closer to shore and bigger! One guy was trolling in 50 feet of water and his 50 wide got spolled trying to back down...a mongo toon! Will chase them again on Wednesday. Yes, there are bass around but the tug on these pig-beasts is simply amazing. I will wait till the spring for those guys, this tuna action is incredible. Probably about 3 weeks left to chase them, 1/2 that time if you include poor weather. If you dont mind the chill, give me a shout.

Capt. Chris

Nov. 20th UPDATE

The last blow kept me away from the off shore action. hit the bass hard the last 3 days in ocean conditions that averaged six foot rollers. Many big bass, what November should be...had Rob out and tapped about 18 bass on the jig to 37 inches...very nice. Rob is having a good year, bluefin tuna, albies and nice stripers. Sandy Hook north to the Ambrose channel, there were huge bodies of fish moving through. The last blow from the east pushed a ton of sand eels inshore...they were piggin hard. All bass taken on jigs, they were stacked heavy on the bottom and mid water colume. The strike rate was fast and furious...would have 4 anglers hooking up simultanously!! some very good action. Will be focusing back on the tuna with better offshore condtitions the next 2 days. will have more to report...catch'em up...

Capt. Chris

Nov. 11th

The inshore bass action in most definitely in the "on/off" body on bass and blues move in and its good for a two then it thins out. As the water temps continue to drop, the bigger bass will move through. They largest bass we landed are always in Nov/Dec.

Offshore, which is really very near inshore....know that the tuna have moved in closer, we were on em probably 5 to 10 miles off the beach. Has been impressive...Sunday/Monday and Tuesday we were chasing Bluefin  around any where from 40 to 150 pounds. Sunday and Monday were difficult, it looked like they were crashing on tinker macks and sand eels.
They would not hit ballyhoo way back, squid bars, cedars, jigs, bull name it! I know that sluggos up north are very popular. So on the heavy tuna casting rods I set a weighted sluggo (13 inch with 4 oz. egg sinker)) and put a  blue and white bally skirt in front to cover the egg sinker, then a crip to keep it from sliding up and down as you cast. Both with weight or no weight are effective...weighted are just easier to cast cause, nothing worse than being 10 yards short on busting tuna! Had 2 decent maylays around the boat...first one was so close you could throw a fly at em,  but no hook up. Second maylay about 10 yards away...chucked the  the 13 inch sluggo, as soon as it landed, what looked like 2 80 pound class tuna crashed on it and missed...a third 80 zoned right in on it hard too. Fantastic animal !! had em on for a while, unfortuately, we lost it at the boat.... 70/80 class fish. Frustration in overdrive for a while after that, i think the term is PISSED!

Crap weather for a few days...swell upwards of 12/13 feet near off shore...hope it does not disturb what we have going on out there right know. I sure know where I will fishing the next 5 weeks! Any interest, I dates open after Thanksgiving...

Catch "em up...

Last Weeks of October

Capt. Chris
Dragged myself to write this report because I knew it had to be done... After the albies thinned out the weather became absurd, it washed out most weekends in Oct, making it almost impossible to look for the bass. Had a few good weekday blitzes,  usually on monday/tuesdays, when no one could get away from the office. Had one decent off shore run near the Ledge, counted about 35 boats on a Wednesday out there all jigging after a decent report that really was not backed by any photos (???), anywho, ran past all the  jiggers about 10 miles south east and found 63 degree water ran hit a  bunch of football bluefin tuna on the troll...not big, upwards of 33 inches but a good find...The most recent off shore run was yesterday with step swell in the AM, which flatttened out and found in the PM about 11 big marks down the  water colume about 50 to 100 hooks ups.

Running near off shore every timeweather allows! Let me know if you have interest!!

Capt. Chris

First Week of October

Missed a few days with the blow that came through and when I did get out there, it was bait by metric tonnage...everywhere. Managed do do well on schoolie bass upwards of 29 inches. Since the blow the Albie action has  moved a bit south...not to far. Had to reschedule a couple of off-shore runs do to crappy weather (starting to get really old) and a couple of spots I'v heard from the big boats is starting to heat up ! and not far !!! Shooting for Sunday again if it doesnt crapp out. Big bass on bunker to the south our waters too. Just need a very slight change in the jet stream to make things good again...

All yours,
Capt. Chris

Third Week in September.

Shot out to the Atlantic Princess Sunday in search of BFT, about a 60 mile run, flat like a lake and no wind, just fantastic weather, encountered many, may boats out there...cruised at 40 mph on the way out and i gotta say Wylie Nagler, the designer over at Yellowfin has just dialed in so well the design of the 34, it is a fantastic ride! even in the slop, you can take on a head sea with 3/4 footers and the yellowfin just climbs right up on top of 'em and really moves. Anyway, back to the report, the BFT fishing on Sunday would be best defined as "picking". Fish from 40's to 120 were being taken through out the day every10/15 minutes, it wasnt the bite of the last few weeks that was just explosive. Reports came today that it had picked up a bit and there has been some inshore BFTsightings as well. Breezy today was blowing up on albies. We struck out on the BFT but the skippy and ablie action was decent and they were fat, in the 8 to 10 pound range so we broke out the light tackle and went to town on these guys! Got a couple of runs off shore this week will keep you posted.

Say tight!

Capt. Chris

Second Week in September.

The blow that came through last week put a decent dent in the fishing, turning the water a coffee brown for a day or two, since cleared and some gator blues showed up. That last body of albies that went through were a little small but who's complaining? Hope the next one has larger fish. Boat is running sweet and will run off shore this coming Sunday, maybe sooner if weather allows, decent tuna reports out 30 miles....tight lines.

Capt. Chris

September 8th

Albie action is outstanding right now! better hook up rate on the incoming than the outgoing, yet out going still very good. Even some bonito being taken here and there. On the off shore side out 20/30 mile great pelagic action w/ skip jack and more albies, bonito, mahi and smaller bluefin. Further out bigger bluefin. Setting up some off shore runs next week on the Yellowfin...this boat is fast and a very well laid out soon.

Capt. Chris

August 31st

Swells off shore just to large right now to chase the BFT...however, the shore line is producing decent albie action. Very clean green water, blew in from the East. No blues to speak of and no lay over bass but there will be plenty of time for that! Out yesterday on the albies w/ Dave and his 2 boys, lots of fun...Jeff Lawson was out in his boat and we were hunting the green machines, forgot to mention a couple of weeks back in my report. Jeff was fly fishing off Breezy with a red clouser and he hooks up with a 4 1/2 ft. mako! on the fly! how cool is that! The balance of this week should have decent conditions along the beach for the the albie hunt but I think the week off shore will be a bit bumpy. All thing go right, new rig at the end of the week.

catch'em up!

Capt. Chris

August 17th

Got on the tuna out at monster Ledge in in my neck of the woods, 50/60 pound class fish, larger further South East...since then,  the 15th, got up to Chatham w/ the tribe to visit the waters where my folks ashes are scattered in Pleasant Bay. Did squeeze a day near off shore for some tuna action and it was HOT! Jigged Crab Ledge w/ Capt. Jeff Bees, EAST RIPE CHARTERS, if you planning on heading up here, make sure you reach out to him...he knows these waters!
Hooked up on seven toons and landed a real brute @ 150 on 80 lb test spin rod, battled for an hour. A very fine tuna!! Getting the paper work done on the new rig, so...will report the local waters when I get back!
Catch'em up!
Capt. chris

August 10th

Made another run on it on very hard knock down and all the skip jack and bonito you want! 5/13 pound range, assertive little guys banging on the spreads all morning. Had to keep an eye on the gear...they don't even put an arch in tuna rods...would had been huge fun on light spin gear! Lets get to the good stuff, I went ahead and posted the snap of the new rig.

A 34 Yellowfin w/ 2 250's on her...very, very clean boat! Waiting for engine analysis before the full commitment, yet I was confident enough to go ahead and post the photo. So it looks like delivery in early Sept., a 400 mile range, radar...all the good stuff and SAFE! Still very practical inshore, draws 19 inches and a massive casting deck forward, I can put 3 fly anglers or four spin guys up there...PLENTY OF ROOM and she will move, cut the 3/4 footers at 35 knots like a knief through butter...very smooth, go where the really big fish are! Wylie, the president and owner of Yellowfin Yachts, has a indepth racing background. So you get a great fishing platform on a high speed hull. A great combo! I will be crawling all over it!

The current Topaz will be on the market very soon...out side of that, I will be at Chatham for the week of the 15th to 22nd, chasing tuna for a couple of days and having great family time...

Catch'em up!!!!!

Capt. Chris

Third Week of July 2009

Got out and worked the grounds between the Mud Hole and the Glory Hole on Saturday, got down there about 5:30 AM after running for a couple of hours into a southern with big swells...4 to 6 's but they were soft with a 8  second spread...topping out and no more than 23/4 knots. Lots of traffic out there. My buddy Rob Reni sailed out JI  Inlet at 2 AM for the Chicken Canyon...Rob hits the honey hole and I got skunked !! he had 3 BFT to 50 pounds and 2 bull mahi mahi at 15 pounds,....very nice. Would have loved to push deeper into the Glory but a huge fog bank was moving up and out off NJ...that just gave me that we surfed big swells all the way home. Seriously looking to size up the rig next season for further off shore runs...something in the 31 + with radar will fit the bill. A properly rigged 31 + can take to amazingly far destinations, so until that happens, The Glory Hole will be my goal line and there is plenty of action there!
Keep you posted!

Capt. Chris

Second Week of July 2009

Ran off shore again...warmer water but still room to move up. 2AM Sunday about running without headlights! wow! pitch black once open water... really need a high powered beam out there. Regular lights just make it more difficult to see so I just shut'em down. Set the spread about 4:30, covered Shark reef, south to the Little Italy out to Monster Ledge and the Mud Hole. Green water and very clear, good amount of life, 6 Fin back Whales and 4 turtles and plenty of bait...alot of peanut bunker on the surface. really need the water to turn cobalt blue from this light green. Did manage to get the "stink off the boat" with a decent sized Bonito. Radio chatter was below average. Reports came in in the afternoon some large fish in 150 class were taken about another 20 miles southeast, thats the next stop given an opening in the weather...that will be about 140 miles round trip! and even more incredible! gas, at my marina came down 30 cents! a good omen!.

Capt. Chris

First Week of July 2009

Covered about 110 nautical miles yesterday! Ran to "Little Italy" looking to confirm a report of large sand eel schools. Water temps dropped about 5 degrees since Saturday's wind ... found clear blue water ... 4 fin back whales. Got hammered by 2 gator blues. One was taken at the boat by a 7/8 foot mako. A violent explosion of blood and foam ... pretty wild! There were small groups of sand eels with nothing on them, scattered here and there. No sight of the huge school of tuna reported. Then ran to HA buoy 10 miles west of "Little Italy" past the Mud Hole and Monster Ledge, the water climbed a few degrees ... no sightings.

I think the wind from Saturday changed things up a bit ... it was 25/30 knots out there with 5/7 footers. Yesterday the conditions were pretty sweet with a 5 knot breeze and flat. I will make another run by the weekend if weather holds and I try to get some more solid reports.

Capt. Chris

Last Week of June 2009

Delayed with crazy stuff with this report...The bass action continued strength lasted till about the middle of the month, then someone hit the kill least for the fly/spin guys. Just East of Breezy, the area was invaded by snapper blues and they moved in like locusts, just everywhere! gorging on sand eels and silver sides.

Decent bass are still attainable with live lining bunker, where the is no shortage of by a long shot. Huge schools of bunker off NJ and north in my area...bass to 30/35 pounds can be taken but it is a wait...can be live lining for hours....not terribly exciting for those of us who like to sight fish. I am sure there will lay over fish for July but for the most part, I hate so say...the action is kinda done till the fall. Last week some pulled up a 50 pound Back Drum, which was massive, maybe we will see some schools move in like last July.

The real NEWS started over this last weekend, when reports from the shark guys came in about the tuna! Out around the120 ft. line, Tuna (BFT) have taken 30/80 pound range! VERY EXCITING NEWS! The HA Buoy, Glory Hole and other areas have had sighting of large schools of Bluefin have been seen feeding on sand eels. Perfect timing to get a boost of excitement after the recent slow down. Forecast looks like a bit of wind and chop over the 4th. I will be running near off shore after the holiday, about 35/40 miles to search 'em out. I have the boat fully rigged for this kind of fishing (safety Gear too). Departing at 3:30AM and usually getting back in early mid afternoon. Have some buddys with larger boats making a run of it on the 4th...will report. We need a summer like 05 when we had those schoolie BFT all the way inshore! TOOOOOOONA.................

Capt. Chris

June 8th 2009

June is rocketing out of the gate! six hour charters are averaging 30/35 bass!, sometimes by 9 AM! We have had crappy weather which is fine w/ me...that cloud cover sure helps on keeping the action going! About 20% of those bass are 33 inches + and up to 23/4 pounds...very fat and clean!  The new moon phase is just going to confirm even better action! those super pigs south of us, will hopefully start to show!, gear of choice...six inch storm shad and chartuse and white flies, 4 to 6 inches...then there is the bazooka of lures, Frank Crescitelli's  "Bunka Boy" lures, pretty sweet action on these. Incoming tide has had the bigger fatties, out going has also had a respectful yield of bass. Fish finder screen is red with marking the bait...tons of it!

3 boys under 5 and little sleep...gotta get while the gettin is good!

Capt. Chris

May 20th 2009

A bit of a late start waiting for a couple of boat parts and REAL busy w/ 3 boys under 5!

The bass are around in a big way...if you can get the coffee brewing very early, you can get em. first light around 4:30 to 5:30 sun up some big bass are attainable, balance of the mornings have yielded all the blues you want and plenty of schoolies. The weakfish are here too in the J-Bay area. June has always been my best bass month for the last 4 years on the outside and hope to see a repeat of that this June! (on the light spin and fly). I do have some dates open so please don't hesitate to give me a shout! I have added a few more Van Staal 100's to the quiver (6 now!), so it wont be for a lack of great gear.

Tight Lines!

December 8th 2008

The Bluefin tuna are in near shore in a big way! my last 4 runs we found them in 70 to 90 feet of water. Nothing on the sonar...just explosions on the surface every 5 to 10 minutes. Large fish too,in the beginning some of the fish were as small as 30 lb class fish, as of Saturday, nothing under 150, some  of them could have  even pushed 200 lbs! massive fish in so close.
Thats the good news! The weather has not helped...blowing hard most of the time, have not been able to get on the water more than two times  a week and thats the good news. Even thought these fish are busting in pods of 5 to 12 fish on the surface, they are like chasing ghosts, very, very difficult, they seem to be eating only what is directly in front of them, they will not bank off to either direction to chase something. 3/4 times I had these fish run right through my spread...soooo frustrating to watch!!! only one way to hook up (as how it happened last year), is to put the lure, small, 2/3 feet directly in front of the pod, there is a better chance of them hitting it if they dont have to change direction. The craziest was on Saturday, out with Robert Lynch and Pat Quinn. We had a pod of maybe 15 150's come with in 6/7 ft of the boat...feels like you could hand feed em! Gonna keep chasing them till the new year. If you want to chase submarines, let me know and  dont forget you ski goggles...gets nippy out there!

November 17th

Well, here's the Nov report...second half of Oct was pretty beat, with poor weather most of the second half really did not get much done.
So, lets move on to better things! The Lower NY bay offered more schoolie bass from 23 to 27 inches than you could imagine!, I mean 60/70 fish day! loads of fun but tough to find any slobs. Last week 3 fish in 40 plus pound range were taken, so there are a few around. It was this time last year I hooked a 41 pound hog on the Ballyhoo on the outside while searching the toons. Speaking of, I was out with Chris Roe and we went to the Mud Hole and found 4 pods, each holding 6 to 8 fish, probably in 40/80 class. 2 fish breached within 10 feet of the boat!!! really nuts! we were on them for maybe 30 minutes then they vanished. 2 days later I get a report much closer to shore (within sight), one guy I know, said they were busting on the surface for 4 hours!!  60/150 (class fish) too bad he could not hook up. The thing that I have noticed the last few years as the fish are moving south. They are sipping on tiny rain bait, they will not hit squid bars or chains, NOTHING LARGE... Every time that I have hooked into one of these giants, it has been with very small lures. 1 & 1/4 oz. or less, inch and a 1/2 at the  most. That means then, lighter tackle too. They are here and its time to get at em! There is about 6 maybe 7 weeks for these guys and then subtract 50 percent of that time for foul weather and there might be a window of 15 to 20 days to chase these giants!

SOOOO...if you have some interest, give me a shout!

Capt. Chris

3rd Week of Oct.

Very disappointing...nothing but wind, wind and more wind! There have been a few high pressure  systems tracking through the region making  for crappy conditions.  Not a westerly either,  these 15/20 knots blows are coming in  from the north and east, really mucking everything up! Very annoying because just before the blow their were some great tuna reports coming in from the "Monster Ledge". Most of the fish have been in the 40/60 class, how ever an incredible 300 pound Blue'fin was taken in the area!!!!  a massive beast!
Looks like a pretty stiff blow for the balance on the week except for a few mornings, afternoons look ugly all week. Hopefully more to report later on...


Capt. Chris

1st half of Oct

The Albie action started in the late part of Sept and halted by 2 weeks of rough weather from the East. Picked up again in the first week of Oct and thinned again! Urrr...The Albie action seemed to have started strong...there have been a trickle of sighting here and there from the Highlands to the Coney Flats. I dont think we even did 20% of what we have last fall, however,  the  new moon cycle starting Oct 14th should get those  currents and tides starting to rip, so, look for good moving water, that should bring in the bait ( not there is huge amounts now, start seeing 1 acre lots of redish nervous water) and get thing fired up. The Bass action has been best on incoming tide or at sun up on the out going tide. Found larger bass on the incoming.  One of the more interesting sights out there on the outgoing tide by Breezy is the crazy amount of really big sturgeon breaching, sometimes you would see then 8 feet in the air! I would bet some of these were well in to 50+ pounds. A couple of crazies throwing Bucktail jigs at like mad hoping for a hook up?...didnt see that happen.

Lets hope for one more surge of Albies in the balance of the month!

Capt. Chris

Week of Oct 5th Report

After almost 2 weeks of huge swells and blowing East/South and some crappy fishing, the REAL Albie run  begun! Saturday was epic, bass blowing up in the AM early then the Albie run really reached blistering levels by 8:30 AM. Frothing pods in every direction and these were nice fish, 10 pounds plus in some cases. This lasted till about noon, then a bit of a lull, so  I bail with my Client, Jim Percell, had to head back to the city. What happens? John MacMurray  calls me...DUDE!  Going OFF!!!!!  He says, this is so crazy...did like 20 Albies on the fly! afternoon action made the AM run look like kid stuff. Go figure... the action was awesome, looked like there were washing machines all over the place! no gun and run here. There fish were banging all sorts of flies and my new favorite light spin lure, YO-ZURI Jig Minnow, if anything looks like a healthy Silverside, this is it! aint cheap @ 9 bucks but effective. Like to see this last the duration of Oct.

Next week,
Capt. Chris

September 24

"ROLLING THUNDER" thats the only way to describe the conditions out there! Had Albies all last week until the weekend, then it shut down after it started blowing from the East...getting worse after this high pressure system pushed down from Canada. Tomorrow will be the worst (25th) with a easterly sea swell between 10 and 15 feet!!! Out last Sunday and tried the humps just off Breezy, that was nuts! gun it in between the rollers, 8 to 10 ft., hook a bass, soften the drag and punch it about 200 yards to get out of the way from the thunder, then pull in the fish. Did that a couple of times till I saw the transducer on the bottom of a boat next me, or I should say above me! Then I asked, why are we out here? lets bail! had enough excitement for one day...does suck because I had to reschedule 5 charters, better safe than sorry...usually a major weather events can really turn things on out there, so...high hopes for next week!
Hope to report good things...

Capt. Chris

September 15

Hard tails are HERE!!!!!!!, for a while there I thought it was going to be like the 06 season, which had no Bonito and just a few Albies. We boated 9 fantastic speedsters after a little scouting, hook but lost another 4, incredible fun!!!  and these  machines were feeding on some of the largest silversides I have every seen,  some  of these albies puked up 5 inchers! and that was the frustrating part the last 2 weeks, there has been a ton of bait in the water, clearish green water with a ton of jellies around...perfect conditions were set up. With all this bait, will stay peeled for Bonito and maybe even some schoolie B'fins.

Sept is pretty booked with a day here or there, however, do have opening s in Oct.

Tight lines,
Capt. Chris

End of July and through the first weeks of August ...

Well, to continue with reporting more of the same...poor conditions along the shore line with this continued southerly thats bringing the brackish water and weeds, I have been running out to the Mud Hole and Monster Ledge. Along the inshore, it has best, cocktail blues. Pretty crummy. Getting passed the 20 fathom line its a different world and yes, the hard tail search continues...yet so worthwhile when you get to  cobalt. Ran to Monster Ledge yesterday and had sights of things you would only see on Blue Planet or Nat Geo if not getting out there. Gas?, well thats just part of the game, dropped a bit too. Not a bad run with a blow less than 10, about 50 minutes. We hung with in a few yards of a mother Fin Back with her calf for a good half hour, giving her a little cool! then along come around 120 (last count) ocean going dolphin and these guys are not shy, hanging around the boat and riding the bow. You could reach over and touch the dorsal fin. They sound like the are breathing through a plastic cone...Big 'ole Mola-Mola and a bunch of Leather Back turtles...speaking of turtles, Capt. David Azar was out the prior day and witnessed a Mako making brunch of a! Something the folks over at PETA need to see after recent crying and bitching about fishing...spare me, they have no clue.
Yes, the toons are in our thoughts but this is one hell of a cool diversion while on our search, there was the usual chatter a bit south and there are hook ups. Sights like these can give you a larger perspective of the blue stuff, puts you in awe. The weird part, is being on the Subway 4 hours later!

Next week,

Capt. Chris

3rd week July...

Bertha moves out...Cristobal moves in, had a window today and jumped on it. The next 2 days will be snotty. Shot for the 20 fathom line early, water turned a cobalt blue, a real change from Saturday. Once at the line, we dropped our spread, working south east, wind 2 to 4...sweet,  like a lake!  40 minutes into the troll... we see a big jumper! start to get stoked!, another hour, 3 decent bait balls, nothing on them, starting to bum a bit...when off my bow, about 200 yards... an awesome sight! a Fin whale around 60 feet or so, just huge!! Tried to get a bit closer for a photo, submarined, waited around for  twenty minutes or so...gone.  Continued on, next, a massive sea turtle, just a ton of awesome life out there!

Slows down a bit, then we see two more jumpers...50/60 range, stoked again! Then all silent. Tough... third run out there and have had visuals each time...dont know if its better to see them and hope for a strike or not see them and pray for a strike? Got reports of Bonito at RI and some Skip Jack headed north along NJ. Just to much life out there not to try again...out Friday.

The water has warmed, however, I did not take into account that southern swell pushing the warmer water in would also bring in the "dirty water", very silty, green/brown. The CI flats and Breezy, all the way to Ambrose Tower is pretty brackish. On an up note the small half dollar clear jellies are in here in mass, a good indicator to the Bonito, the timing was about the same last year, I think once the water starts to clear a up we will see the action. Made a run out to clear water Saturday, about 8 miles pasted the BA buoy again, water was a sweet 74 and real clear. A little bumpy with 2 to 4's. Once in clear water we marked some of the largest marks I have seen on my Garmin, real big! down about 130.  We ran an 8 spread in a southeast direction along the north side of the beginning of the ridge down to Monster Ledge, the end result, one very solid knock down. I heard the day before one Capt. had a B'fin on and there was the usual positive chatter on the VHF.

They are definitely pushing through, however, not easy but always worth a shot... weather allowing! Probably see some Mahi around the traps too.
Praying for the "Bones" inshore and the "fast fish" near offshore! Lots of dolphin around too.

Next week...

Capt. Chris

2nd Week of July

Went out Friday for the initial near off shore scouting run with Rob Reni and Bret. Water started out cold in the low 60's...the southern sea swell action we have had for the last week or so has pushed the cooler water inshore. The temps shot up pretty quickly once we were out about 8 miles, hitting about 72. The water looked fishy, a pretty clear blue with a tint of green and lots of jellies, and real flat. Ran to the tower, dropped an 8 rod spread and headed east to the NA buoy....nada, ( except for the wolf packs raiding our spread!) turned south after hearing some chatter on the radio,  about 15 miles south east on the BA. Finally saw some birds working the surface, Rob shouts 2:00  o'clock!  saw a pretty good sized back roll on the surface twice...medium sized tune...then the birds vanished. Punched it back so Rob could go chase some bass and got back by noon. Probably covered 45 miles or so.  Looking good out there...running out there again second half of the week.

See what happens next week.

Capt. Chris

1st Week of July

Shallow water bass action has continued to be decent with schoolies and good sized blues in 8 to 10 lb. range. Surface plugs and fly poppers have performed best. 

Going through a bit of a transition period as the water warms up...dont get me wrong, I love watching the stripers/blues b$%&h slapping the surface action...Now the mind set is on the pelagics.  Tuna reports scattered here and there, a bit of a waiting game. Just got B'fin report not to far off...near offshore, even though the water is still pretty green out there. Its tough wanting to make a scouting run out there with 5 bucks a gallon! and of course, that warm water eddie is still sitting out there spinning away...just out of reach. The upside might be if Bertha tracks towards the Carolinas and pushes all that really warm water up over the shelf into our neck of the woods. The last few seasons the palegics really were the show, so if the bait and water currents have doing what the have the last few years...we should have a great season!

More next week...
Capt. Chris  

4th Week in June

These waters never fail to surprise me...Hitting my usual haunts, we ran into a amazing sight, Black Drums and they were monsters! these fish were well into the 40 to 60 pound range. Fining on the surface in large schools, maybe upwards of 50 to 100 fish! and they are not black! The waters were calm so getting a visual was not difficult.  I was sitting on the bow with my binocular  looking around then looked down to  my right and saw 4 huge drums cruise by ...At first glance,  I thought they were sharks ...they almost have the same body locomotion.

Chucked storm shad...not go, shot a green bucktail (2oz.) at 'em, did the trick, ran like a steam roller and snap!... just wild. A few guys got'em to the boat. saw Ricky Fink out there, the day before he hooked into...get this! a 66 pounder on an 8 weight fly rod...It is just really cool how each season something new cruises the past there have been a hook up here or there but these were big schools of em. On the bass side, still getting our fill of large schoolie bass, Breezy, Coney Island flats have had plenty of bass on em...probably get a few more weeks of this action, longer if you can find some cooler water pockets.

 As usual, I am still watching that eddie move ever closer in this direction, just coming over the shelf and still holding together...T-U-N-A!!!!!!!!!! maybe less than hundred miles now...

Lets see what happens next week...
Capt. Chris

3rd Week of June
On/off...on/off, the action has changed from day to day. Bass action was decent in early part of the week early 4:30 to 8ish or so and then the blue fish would come in by the acre, you could hear slapping and flopping all around the boat on baby bunker and silversides, fun on the 8w/9w. The early week bass were schoolies for the most part. Second half of the week noticed temps dipped a bit the the action surpassed the first week June! Like Montauk! without the traffic, well, sort of...Thursday we boated about 18 bass to 27 inches and 1 to 33 inches, still had the blue mixed in. Saturday was huge!, Had Steven  Beasley out with  his buddy and they did very well...somewhere around 25 bass to 27 inches, 1 at 33 inches and 15 lbs. The days beast came in at what we though was around 24/25 pounds and long! after a lenghty tug, Steven got this fish to the boat and during the reach it popped the leader! a really nice fish! Probably the largest bass this spring. All this action was on the fly...funny thing, could not mark any of these bass...they were all on the surface! After 5 hours of tugging on bass we tossed in the towel and Steven headed to the ball game with his son...Saturdays dont get much better than that!

I'm still watching that eddie move a bit closer and its hasnt broken up...we will see. Also getting some small B'fin tuna reports here and there...just cant say exactly where!

I do have to say, this  has been a really good bass run (except during the heat wave),

Much better than last year.
Just gotta get out there!

2nd Week/June
The crushing heat wave we experienced over the last weekend slowed the action considerably,

I saw water surface temps go from 46 up to 60 degree's since the beginning of the month, spiking in the last few days. aAso not much in the way of cloud cover either. (Those good bass days always have plenty of cover).

It has been all blue fish (with only a couple 30+ in. bass) since the last report, not that the bass have left, they have just gone deep. Those wire line trolling guys and live liners are still doing very well. I think with some cloud cover and getting the temps back to normal will bring some improvement, we sure made due with what we had!  watching those blues trash surface plugs and fly poppers is always fun!

Again, Chuan, picked up a very fine bass...very healthy, most of the bass have been this season. "Clean Fish".

While waiting for this air and water to get back to normal, I have been watching a huge warm water eddie that has been spinning in this direction for about a week...this thing is large.
Last July it was when the bonito came in I saw something like this (see attached).
A good sign.

Also attached, a photo of John Macmurray holding what looks like a 40+ lber! He was cruising along and he sees this thing belly up in the water, reaches over and pulls it up, what does he find, a huge flounder caught in its throat! this thing choked to death...thats crazy.

More to report next week.

Early May/June
I am always excited in early May to to get the rig in the water, all the gear in order and get my charters lined up only to discover (as usual) that the rain/wind blows out my runs for a good portion of the month...This has been a consistent factor every spring. That being said... you would think I would learn to wait for the bass on my favorite areas.

May on the outside brought the blue fish and they were not bad this spring, upwards of 10 pounds and about a hundred bucks in trashed lures...had one put a 90 degree bend in a Hopkins # 6 hook...pit bulls. Some record Weak fish taken in Raritan bay and some massive bass with the live liners in J-Bay.

First week of June the afterburner's kicked in hard! with outstanding bass action in the Lower NY Bay. Had Mike Carissimo out the start of the month and he scored huge with a 20 plus pounder on the fly, handled it like a real pro... Chuan Wong hit the bragging board with a real good looking bass...light tackle (4  new Van Staals 150's on lite rods) using the 6 inch storm shad, sink to the bottom and a slow jig back up, slammed 'em!!!

However, the epic day out, was with Sheridan Reilly and Lonnie in from Austria. Getting out there at 4:45 AM was the plan, then getting a read on increasing air pressure incoming tide and a breeze from the East...I thought for sure some one would put the switch in the off position...I could not be more friggin wrong! IT WENT OFF!!! by 10AM my guys slammed about 40 bass! actually complaining about sore for arms! HA! how awesome is that!

These fish were about 25 to 35 inches with full bellies and they were still piggin out...

A few fish that Lonnie hooked into were two handed haul outs... I mean, a soft ball could fit in their mouths. Really great stuff...

Sure hope this is an indication for the balance of June...and getting stoked another awesome skippy, albacore, bonito and blue fin (December) year. Last season set the bar.

Have a few spots open the second half of the month, if you have some interest...give me a shout. New report next Friday...

Get out there!,