2007 Manhattan Fly Bragging Board

Trolling for GIANTS at JI Inlet w/ Bryan...200 lber's in Dec.

Brendan with a TURKEY BASS!

Capt. Chris makes it happen in the rollers!

John D. with a sweet one...

Brian's flat water bass ...

Blair gettin in on it before the blow...

"The Shook"...albie on 5W trout rod!   that's FLY!

Sarah's blue albie...

Ricky F., 28 albies, thats right! on the fly....yeah!
(4 yr. World Record Striper holder too...)

Neil's albie birthday!

Mark's green moss machine...

Is that Casey or Nicholas Cage handling that puker?

Now here we go ... get serious.

Nice albie man!

The amazing BOGO demostrated the use
of the “BUDFLYZER” with
amazing agility and slick results!

Stripers are starting to show!

Getting a good grip!

Tom coming at us with a mossy green albie ...

look at that beautiful speedster!

BANG ... one fish ...

two fish ... way to go!

Andrei producing despite tricky knot situation.

Dimitry with a nice study at the Ambrose Light .

Getting some gorgeous greenies!

Alan and Mark having albie fun!

Alan with a dark water Albie.

Mark scoring another!

Rachel showing Travis how it is done ...

Kevin playing football.

Look at that fin!

Nine out of ten dentists recommend ...

Chris done with an albie ...

and well done with the bonito!

Dave with his first Albie!

Bright! ... need some shades man!

Early morning bonito.

Kissin albies!

Kimmie gets one!

Here have a bonito.


Hurt on the rod!

Dave's torpedo!

Thresher shark on view.

Watch out here she comes!


Open wide!


Gorgeous bonito!

and another beauty bone ...

Blackstones Dan & Dave "get their bones"

Robert R. w/ a Verrazzano schoolie...


Double bones!

Got wasabi?

Green machine!

Robert's bone.

Melvin chopper blue.

Mitch pimping a bone.

Nice shredders!

Double big wham blues!

Reel fresh ...

The Tiller team strikes!

Kevin wrestles a gator!

Sammie singles ...

Steve and Jon bang a double ...

Jon, Sammie and Steve crush a triple!

Tight on the sunrise.

Good morning!

96 ° ... Captain hot dog = hot fish ... !

" Is that a striper or a really big salamander?"

Bella belly!

4th of July bubbles and stripes.

kiss ... kiss

Morning bats revealing bounty ...

... oh yeah bounty struck!

Bottle Nose Dolphin busting on stripers
just off Breezy Point!

On the prowel.

One they did not get!

Patrick striking gold at dawn!

Dave using his bow ...

on a grizzlie!


Frank lands a nice one!
Patrick handling a beauty.

Kirk gets some ...

Jay with a schoolie

Huntley with a Hoffman Island stripee

Steven Z. ... Spanking demons with some feathers!

NYPDs finest...CJ and Dave, and of course..."The Shook"

Bass everyday this week!
(first week of June)

Mitch tags a chubby!

Andy with a slot bass ... nice start!

Chris and Andy with a slab ... on board!

The Currens ... GRRR!

Kirk with one of many...

Alex in from Dubai ...