2008 Manhattan Fly Bragging Board

Patrick with a chilly one!

Rick with a couple of nice stripers!

Good work . . . way to go!

Jonathan and Hakan...Score big on "The Feed" !!

Look at those spikes!

Watch your fingers!

Dude! I told you!!! $20.00 SURCHARGE for hooking a bird!

John gets a nice striper!

Sean too!

Way to go!


Look at those dark stripes!

Duncan & Jonathan...TAG TEAM!

Duncan with a Coney Bass at first light...

Chris with a sunny bass ...

Briggs with a Big Nasty!

Big Gorilla Blue...

James with a chopper blue!

James hitting big!

James and Dad being productive!

Lonnie with a schoolie

Sweet Albie!

Jim with a nice FAT ALBERT!

Julian tags a nice one!

Pete with speedster fever!

Joel from Chicago says...."Albie-Back"!

Chuan with a nice speedster!

Nice sideliner!




" Can they build 'em any better?"

Chris taps his first speedster!

Chris's Father in Law, Leszek, gets in on the action!


Amy & Jeff visiting a Finback Whale & calf

Atlantic Dolphin showing up ...

strutting their stuff ...

in the wake zooming around ...

blowing bubbles.

Off shore menace!

Chris with a "Blue Brawler"!

The Quin team!

Mike's sunrise schoolie...

The "Boys" from KADAN ...

Great tag team ...

... look at that!

OK now ... show the fish!

Steve lays it on the boil ...

sticks it ...

tail show ...

get it done!

Steve and Ed getting it done!

... hey I lost count!

Ed with a "FATTY" schoolie.

Nice rainy day bass ...

and Chuan also doing it in the rain!

Sunny day growing mates on deck ... all trouble!

Roderick and Richard... Post heat wave blues

Chuan with a “clean fish”!

Lonnie and Sheridan working it!

Sheridan scores with a beauty! ...

and once again!

Hey Lonnie lets look at that “piggy” ...

and from the other angle ... what a beauty!

Lonnie nail another!

Captain BASS!

Chuan with a fantastic striper ... look at that fish!

"The Shook"...with a Liberty Line Sider!

Beautiful Blue!!

Bryan Hooked Up!

Done job!

Sunny Side Blue!

Blue mania!

Brian from Albright getting blued...

Melissa's Coney flats blue...

OK! on the board!
Nice early Breezy Point bluefish!

Duncan with a spring striper!

... another look see!