2009 Manhattan Fly Bragging Board

Adam (on left) with a hefty ... getting it done!

Rick with a short one ...

and a LONG ONE! ... how many inches?

Rick horsing them in.

Patrick with a "bull dozer"

We like to see this!

Christian won this fist fight!

NEON BLUES ... look at that color ... amazing!

Eel packed belly! What a BOMB!

Neil the Biologist from NOAA taking a sample!

Neil with double fatty sample!

Nice work boys!

Very nice!

Heading back ...

ROB ... Wow MAN! nice FISH!

Rob with a burly beauty!

These are P-A-L-E-G-I-C fish ... can you spell?

Tuna fishing buddies ...

Just missed BIG CHARLIE TUNA ... by a fraction of a second!!

Ron and Sheridan score two touchdowns!


Sheridan with a good grip on the football!

Rob with a fatty!

Phil means business with the stripers!

What a pair!

Very nice!

Paul shows how it is done!

Great catch!

What a picture!

One big happy family ... having fun yet?

Capt. studying the blues ...

... the stripers ...

... and the speedsters.



Hey where is the Captain?

Nice schoolie Oscar!

chasing bass with old friends...Dave & Scott
Very nice...

Nice pair!

Blair and his gang crush the bass !!!

Spunky striper!

Look at that fat one!

Way to go boys!

What a fatty!

Whow ... watch your fingers!

Look at that blue ... beauty.

Doing the work!

Fire Brigade Chopper!

Mike gets it done!

Jose scoring a classic albie!

Another nice allbie ... a greenie!

Getting the job done!

Christopher with an albie!

running ...

Going really fast!


Tom holding a blue ... chopper holding a Boga Grip.

Onat on the albies!

Way to go Theo!

Chris with a speedster ... Oh yeah!

Albie charging the deck!

Tag teaming the speedsters.

Ameet with a single.

Chuan with a shinny one!

Chuan enjoying the ride!

Dave with an “Albie speedster”

Capt. Chris in the fight!

Capt. Chris and Rob pose with the 140lb. "Chicken of the Sea"

Look at that "Cadillac" shine!!

What's for dinner Daddy? Looks like big steaks!

"New sled in early September" !

Alan and Mark tag team a bluefin tuna.

Mark with the beauty!

Big bait out there...

Mark the "Sole-man" with a skipjack tuna ...

and a bonito!

Michael Anthony's "New eats" @ the marina !

Doug on a bass...

Check out these early starts ... almost always spectacular!

Ameet with a shark ... look out!

Chaun with a nice one ... fatty!

Chaun tricks a hungry skate.

Chris doing battle!

Victoriuos with a beauty!

In hover mode...waiting for the bait to get pushed up.

Capt. Rob Glasser hits one!

hits two ...

three is a charm!

Amazing! ... our friends have arrived!
Dolphin in front of Coney Island.

Hey PQ...looks like a dinner slab!

Take another good look!

Rainy day bass...

Lonnie lands a beauty!

Hey that is not a bass!

Sheridan hits "FAT CITY"!

Tag team success!

Flick Ford...fly guy, writer and artist.

Getting it DONE!


Tom Getting some ...


Dominic with a hooker!

The crew has splashed the rig!

Distracted crew.

The crew enjoying the ride.

Bruce with a sunny bass at the West Bar!

Tom with a 10lb. Chopper Slab ... way to go Indiana!