2010 Manhattan Fly Bragging Board

WOW! Way to end the SEASON!!!

Fred and Pedro score chilly big! You guys are good!

Hump ... hump ...


Chris with a nice striper

Blue with a belly of sand eels


This is Peter....aka, "the slug"

Mark and Fred catching in the waves!

Small craft warings at Breezy Point!

Fred scoring a bass! Nice FISH!

Patrick catching a silver chilly bass ... .

Breezy bumps!

Fred with an amazing finish!

SCARY ! TUNA MAN! Halloween is still on!

You Da Man Fred!

Looks like the first run! Hee Haw!

Hold on there Big Fella!


the results!

Good job Rob and George with the tender release.

Workin IT!

Nice BOMB Basil!

Rob in a very cool situation!

George and Todd playing a duet .... nice tunes.

Todd MAN Oh yeah!

Rob with a beauty!

Hurt that BOY!


Awesome shot ... let that baby go!

The "Breezy bend" ....

yields a "Breezy Gorilla Chopper!"

Fred is in with a "green speed machine" ... wow!

zzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz ... zzzZZzzz .... zzzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzz

Well done! Look at that SAW!

Fred with a speedster.

Show'em who is boss!

Like that!

PACO with nice stripes!

The new rig in ACTION!


Tim jammin' with the BLUES!

Get the surf board out!

Tim with a CHOPPER!

Dale with a speedster!

Captain Chris with "Piggy"

"Piggy" on a leash

Adam ... on the the Viking 55 "The Fever"

Brians Dad in law gets dinner...

Brian, Dad in law and Roger!

Brian takes the plunge!

Kevin with a 57 incher

"the Bloomberg Team"

Bite the pumping heart!

Where is the Hurt?

Nice Work! (46 incher)!!

|but we Did get our "under"!!

our "over" fish broke off!

"sun rise on the sea"

Oh my ... you da man KEN!

BINGO nice blue!! Captain Chris Hessert gets it done!

The cap came off on that one!


Is that a little sweat on your for head KEN?

The shape is amazing ... swim machine!

Beautiful detail!

Hard to believe the color!

Ken does it all baby!!!!

Bob with a Bluefin!

Skipjack fun!

Neil, Bob and Mike have a trip of a lifetime!

Oh my GOD!


Too busy catching fish ... Mike gets hungry.


Scarry lookin' fish!

Nice one! ... can you believe it!

Great White lurking!

Getting it on!

Fresh Charlie Tuna for the table!

off shore dolphin dance

Check out this whale off shore ... read about it in the Fishing Report

Nicholas and gang with a beauty!

Put the the hurt on that sucker!

Double trouble!

Nice fish!

Nice shot!

Ok ... getting it done!

...miss the ole rig....

... Joe chucking a bomb!

... Rob gettin tight!

Tim Cummins in from South africa...w/ his first bass....

Wow ... Matt ... that is one nice fish!

Way to go Chris!

Matt with a beaut!

Look at that double!

Chris with big cheeers!

Below, Bruce and Brian . . . many quality bass a BIG Finback whale !!!!
Breathing some real nice ocean air...

Where is AHAB?

Bruce with a bright one!

Nice fish Bruce ... that fish looks tired!

Brian doing the "tiger" imitation!

Way to go Brian!

Bob with a sunny striper!

Capt. Ken in the Topaz gets it done for these guys!

Nice Striper Ryan!

Chris takes a beauty!

Ryan works the early morning magic!